WWE News: WrestleMania 30 Results Tell Daniel Bryan Yes But Disappoint Otherwise

The WWE news for the WrestleMania 30 night has brought some excitement yet also a lot of disappoint, making us wonder where management could possibly go with the story line when it comes to WrestleMania 31.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, our WrestleMania 30 live results page shows what happened for every match.

The first obvious topic is the Daniel Bryan match against Randy Orton and Dave Batista. While the metrosexual fashionista has been taken down a notch, and the face of the WWE gave up his championship belt, we’ve got to say that it was entirely predictable. Every step of the way we were able to say what was about to come next. Triple H showing up with his hammer was a nice touch but otherwise if Bryan had not struggled out of the medical stretcher we would have been shocked.

Speaking of which, the most shocking moment was when The Undertaker lost against Brock Lesnar. The audience literally did not know how to react, including the color commentators, Paul Heyman, and even the beast himself, who simply stumbled off stage without saying much at first. Unfortunately, while we were expecting The Undertaker’s streak to end eventually if he planned on retiring, we were hoping it’d be combined with a moment like Sting returning to the ring.

Quite frankly, the match was simply two WWE part-timers trading blows in slow motion. It was evident Taker was feeling his age and a lot slower this year in comparison to the last five years. It seems that Undertaker wanted to lose to Lesnar because retirement was the goal, not just a shocking ending. Back in 2010, Undertaker and Lesnar exchanged words at a UFC match event and at the time there was a hint they wanted to end it this way:

The biggest disappointment of all was of course how CM Punk was totally missing in action. His presence was felt the entire last match, with chants ringing out demanding that the “best in the world” appears, despite there being many Philip Brooks sightings around New Orleans. Otherwise, John Cena won against Bray Wyatt without releasing the monster within, which would have been a lot more interesting than the way the match actually ended. Divas match; throwaway. The win by the Shield was astoundingly short.

Still, the winner for the Andre the Giant memorial Battle Royal was both a surprise and a big pop. Dolph Ziggler or Big Show were the favorites to win, but instead Cesaro managed to body slam the Big Show over the top rope, winning the Royale. This is a big boost for Cesaro especially since the Real Americans broke up in the pre-show match, but that was also predictable.