Nicki Minaj's 'Starships' Is Still A 'Blatant Pop Song,' Says Peter Rosenberg

Todd Rigney

Nicki Minaj may have scored a big hit with the 2012 track "Starships," but Hot 97 DJ Peter Rosenberg still doesn't like it.

If you haven't paid much attention to the rapper's career, then you may have missed her feud with the radio personality a few years back. Minaj ended up canceling her appearance at the 2012 Summer Jam following his infamous rant about the tune. In his opinion, Nicki joined the ranks of Ke$ha and Katy Perry when she issued one of the genre's biggest sellout songs.

"I mean no disrespect to Nicki Minaj, but it was nice having you in hip hop. This song right here, 'Starships,' is literally one of thee most sell out songs in hip hop history!" he boldly declared. Not surprisingly, the rapper wasn't happy about the situation.

According to HipHopDX, Rosenberg recently opened up about his legendary feud with Nicki Minaj. If she was hoping the guy would apologize during his chat with Radiolab, then she's seriously mistaken. Peter apparently still isn't a fan of "Starships."

"'Starships' is a blatant pop song so I didn't like the song. In the moment it felt like, you're a Hip Hop star, why would you do this? This is not for us. When core hip hop artists make pop songs it upsets me because it can be a moment that blurs and messes up hip hop," Rosenberg said of Nicki Minaj's tune.

The DJ also explained why he was so hard on the rapper after she released "Starships." Since he believed Minaj was one of the best artists in the game, he held her to a different standard. In other words, Peter was deeply disappointed when she strayed into pop music. He even referred to her as the "total package."

"The year before it all happened, I pulled her aside at Summer Jam [2011] and I said, 'Hey, I think you could be the greatest female artist of all time, the greatest female rapper of all time. And I just want you to know in thinking that, I'm going hold you to a high standard so I probably will say things about you," he explained.

Perhaps Rosenberg may have better luck with The Pink Print. Cash Money's Birdman recently said that Minaj's next effort will feature music that's both confident and hard.

"For the new album, she's doing what she feels like doing and we're supporting her. You hear a lot of growth in her music... We expect for this to be one of the biggest [albums] from her. It's more rap. This album is going to have a little bit of everything but more rap. I am sure some of the team will be on it," he recently told Billboard.

Do you think Nicki Minaj sold out when she recorded "Starships"? Is the song as bad as Peter Rosenberg believes?