‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’ Renewed For Two Seasons

Looks like It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia fans will be seeing a whole lot more of Charlie Kelly, Dennis Reynolds, Mac, Dee Reynolds, and Frank Reynolds. It’s just been announced that the FX series has been renewed for an additional two seasons on the network.

The new deal for It’s Always Sunny will see the show through to 2017 with season 11 and 12 already mapped out. According to Vulture, the new negotiation between It’s Always Sunny’s creators Glenn Howerton, Charlie Day, and Rob McElhenney is “everything-but-the-kitchen-sink.”

The creators, who also play the three main characters on the show, will see their roles expand in both production and development. This new deal marks It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia as one of the longest running live-action comedy on cable.

In addition to the 10-episode Tracy Morgan series with New Girl scribe Luvh Rakhe, the three have already signed on the dotted line to create another pilot for FX. That’s not all, as McElhenney, Day, and Howerton signed a commitment with FX for at least three more comedy scripts. This means that if the three write three excellent pilots they may have three new series on the horizon for FX in addition to their work on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Morgan’s new show.

The co-chief of programming for FX announced the deal, commending the trio: “Not bad for three guys who shot a pilot ten years ago for $200 and a few pizzas.”

Since the series debuted in 2005 the cast has gone on to be successful, but the stand out is Charlie Day, who has proved to stand on his own two feet as a pretty convincing comedy star. In addition to his work in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Day has went on to star in the Horrible Bosses comedy film, which has a sequel coming up, and has voiced successful films such as Monsters University, and The LEGO Movie. Day also had roles in Pacific Rim as Dr. Newton Geiszler, Going the Distance, A Quiet Little Marriage, and is currently in pre-production for Bare Knuckle Days with Jaden Smith.

Of the show’s cult status of the satirical comedy, McElhenney said:

“Whenever we got onto Hulu, that was when it dawned on me that the show was popular. We became this show that people could pass on to each other. And from there, we just saw the ratings move up and up.”

No word on what’s planned for It’s Always Sunny’s two new seasons but we’re sure it will be epic.

[Image Credit: FX Productions]