‘Captain America 2’ Release Date Is Here: ‘Ant Man’ Tease And Hawkeye’s Absence Explained

The Captain America 2 release date has hit today, and the film appears to be a success just like its prequel. Critics are once again heaping praise on the followup to the Marvel cinematic universe’s entry about the most unremarkable hero in the Avengers.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Captain America’s role as the least interesting of the Avengers could be the reason why his films are the most critically acclaimed. Chris Evans’ portrayal of the comic book super hero is literally the most human of the group, and gives us something more relatable.

Just like the first time Chris Evans played the iconic role of the most patriotic US super hero, some hints were dropped about what we could expect from upcoming Marvel films. Captain America was instrumental in recovering the Tesseract before we even knew what it was called, an item that Loki had used in The Avengers to terrorize the world. It was also revealed that the Tesseract was just one of several items leading up a major confrontation with Thanos and his Infinity Gauntlet. The second one was the focus of Thor: the Dark World.

With today being the Captain America 2 release date, Chris Evans has impressed us once again, this time taking Nick Fury (Samuel L Jackson) and Black Widow (Scarlett Johanssen) along for the ride. This time around, Bucky Barnes has returned as a villain of sorts, hosting a mechanical arm and the name The Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan). It has been teased that a major character will die in this film, even if it does counter one of Stan Lee’s basic rules (nobody dies unless he says so). We saw Agent Coulson (Clark Gregg) die in The Avengers after all, and he was the most recurring character up to that point.

Probably the most popular death scenario is that Cap himself will die off and make the Captain America 2 release date the turning point resulting in a possible change of actors more believable than James Bond. In the comics, Bucky Barnes becomes Captain America, and with Chris Evans‘ uncertain retirement rumors, it seems likely that the character will live on with a new Cap.

It’s also worth mentioning that Captain America died in the comics at the end of the “Civil War” story arc.

Another tease given in Captain America: The Winter Soldier is one that you might miss if you’re not familiar with a certain pair of upcoming Avengers. Ant Man and his wife The Wasp both use a primary weapon called the “stinger.” In one scene where Black Widow is using some high-tech weaponry including a sort of taser, Black Widow remarks to Nick Fury that one such weapon “really does sting.”

Black Widow could already be using Ant Man’s weapon before we even see him.

One noticeable absence from the film is Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner), who is among the more human Avengers and has a history of sorts with Black Widow (hinted at in the first collaboration film). We only know for now that Hawkeye will be back in Avengers: Age of Ultron, and at that time his alternate location following the Captain America 2 release date will be more easily explained.

You might remember that he played a minor role in the original Thor, and he could be keeping an eye on another new Avenger or two, such as perhaps Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) and/or Quicksilver (Aaron Taylor-Johnson).

Are there any teases you found in Captain America 2?