Liam Payne Says He Lacks Confidence, Gets Bashful Around Fans

If Liam Payne acts a bit strange when you ask him for an autograph, try not to take it personally. The One Direction singer is just shy.

Fans wouldn’t know it by looking at his music videos and interview, but Payne is actually the shyest member of the British band. Liam decided to open up about his shyness and a few other odd items during a recent chat with Top of the Pops magazine.

According to the good folks at Sugarscape, Liam Payne revealed this secret after a fan asked him which member of One Direction was the shyest. Instead of pointing the finger at one of the other singers, he surprised everyone by admitting he’s frequently bashful around fans.

“Although it doesn’t look like it when there are cameras around because I will be out there a little bit,” Liam explained during his chat with the publication.

He added, “But when people ask for photos and stuff like that, I’m honestly not very good with it all. I haven’t got the confidence. And I’d never go up to anyone asking for their autograph, no way!”

This wasn’t the only slice of personal info Payne coughed up during his conversation with Top of the Pops. Unreality TV points out that the singer also revealed that he got a little too worked up around a a girl he liked way back in the day. Unfortunately for Liam, his bladder simply couldn’t keep up with all that excitement.

“When I was seven, a girl I really liked tickled me and I wet myself. Then she laughed, because she was a lot older, but I cried and it was terrible. I actually really fancied her and I’d ruined everything!” Payne explained. That’s definitely a little embarrassing.

It’s no wonder that Liam Payne’s confidence is a little shaky these days. The Inquisitr previously reported that some folks on Twitter started calling the poor guy fat, something that probably worked its way under his skin. In fact, he recently told Heat magazine that he’s in the process of getting his body all ripped up.

“We’ve been working out a bit. I try and push myself a bit more every day. But there’s definitely no six pack at the mo. Working on it,” he explained.

So the next time you approach Liam Payne and he acts a little reserved, it’s not because you look or smell funny. It’s simply because the singer is a bit shy around One Direction fans.

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