Justin Timberlake Toasts The Royal Baby With A Shout–Out At O2 Arena In London

Singing Sensation Justin Timberlake toasted the almost 9 month old Prince George during his O2 Arena show.

While performing live at his O2 Arena tour in London, Justin Timberlake toasted the toddler, saying, "Here's to the new baby!" reported VanityFair. Surprisingly, the crowd didn't know how to respond since the 33 year old Justin is married to Hollywood celebrity Jessica Biel and the spectators thought he was announcing his wife's pregnancy. However, before the tabloids went crazy with the unexpected news, Justin clarified, "George, you motherf*ckers" referring to the royal baby.

Justin Timberlake is very much fond of London and visits the capital city whenever he can. In fact, just before the toast, he elevated his British fans' euphoria by confirming that London is his "home away from home"

The impromptu toast to Kate Middleton and Prince William's baby boy was immediately reciprocated by his fans. Though the trio wasn't in the crowds, Prince George is soon expected to take his first royal tour to Australia. The tour expected to begin on Monday still hasn't been Okayed by the Royal Family for the toddler. A spokesperson for the Kensington Palace cautioned that plans are not completely concrete: "One or two occasions have been identified as opportunities when they might take Prince George along, but Prince George being a little over eight months old by then, they will have to make a decision nearer the time" reported EntertainmentWise.

Justin might have honored Prince George with a toast, but the Australians are planning something special. The toddler prince is expected to receive a graphic-laminate surfboard from Jean Hay, mayor of Manly, Australia, upon his arrival there. Designed by Bennett Surfboards, the board features a photograph of the city and an inscription that reads, "Greetings from Manly — Surf City Australia."

Though Justin Timberlake as well as Australia's Mayor are both trying to appease the kid, it is highly doubtful, the little prince is even aware of the happenings. The Royal family is said to be so concerned about the wellbeing of the prince that sources have confirmed the aides to the family having designed a special 'hub and spoke' travel plan to ensure the toddler is always taken care of and someone from the family is nearby Prince George.

Justin is expected to continue his tour of London until the next weekend till 12th April. Tickets to the show are quite scarce and some legally cost more than a £100 (US$ 165). However, his toast sure was priceless and will be remembered long after.

[Image Credit | FT]