Anna Kendrick On SNL: New Promos Released

Anna Kendrick is a busy woman. This year, alone, she is set to be in six different movies: “Get a Job,” “The Voices,” “Life After Beth,” “Happy Christmas,” “The Last 5 Years,” and “Into the Woods.” Each movie is a full length film, making this Kendrick’s busiest year since her start, playing Fritzi Wagner in “Camp” (2003). Anna’s also in pre-production for a couple of films set to be released in 2015: “Cake,” and, of course, “Pitch Perfect 2.”

Still, Kendrick’s found time to host Saturday Night Live, this Saturday, the 5th.

Known for her amazing voice and sharp, sarcastic wit, Anna Kendrick is an obvious choice for SNL. The only question seems to be why it didn’t happen sooner! Her twitter posts offer an insight into how she’s feeling about the debut. “.@nbcsnl @Pharrell I’m gonna get the chance to confront Pharrell about his ‘big hat’ outshining my ‘cleavage window’ dress. #GrammysRegrets,” which shows that Anna’s looking forward to the show. A later post, “Was reeeeally hoping @louisck was gonna do me a solid and phone it in on SNL last night. Talented piece of sh*t,” shows that Kendrick might be a little nervous about the performance. Since Saturday Night Live is known as a breeding ground of discovery and success, can anyone really blame her?

New promos have been released. Several different takes show Anna Kendrick and Taran Killam introducing the episode with some banter. In one take, Anna plays a thick-headed type who can’t figure out the specifics of the show. In a couple of other takes the two actors talk about singing and harmonize together. They also discuss their dreams, try to out-do each other and laugh at an April Fool’s joke they played (the result of which can be seen in the background). Finally, they try to find something that would be more fun than Kendrick hosting the show. One of the few examples Anna comes up with is, “a tickle fight with puppies while I’m wearing a bikini made of bacon.” One can imagine that there are several thousand people out there who likely agree with her.

None-the-less, hosting Saturday Night Live for Anna Kendrick should be right in her comfort zone. She’ll get to be her witty, brilliant, hilarious self for the entire world to see.

Of course, Kendrick might just have to tone down that famous language of hers, at least a little.