Iggy Azalea Reveals Where She Took Nick Young On Their First Date

If you want to date Iggy Azalea, then you might want to prepare to spend some time hanging around department stores.

Although most people might try to impress their dates with fancy restaurants, thought-provoking motion pictures, or deeply romantic gestures, apparently the rapper doesn’t need these things. In fact, Azalea is quite content to hang out and do normal stuff like shopping for socks.

According to TMZ, Iggy Azalea is dating Los Angeles Lakers star Nick Young. Instead of heading to a place that requires tons of their hard-earned cash, the young couple apparently decided to spend their first date together at Target.

Iggy Azalea + Nick Young pic.twitter.com/6VgyuSaciF

— (@MiuMason) February 19, 2014

Before you slap the NBA player with a bright green cheapskate label, it’s worth noting that this excursion was entirely Iggy Azalea’s idea. That’s right — the rapper would rather spend time shopping at Target than doing just about anything else.

The Daily Mail reports that Iggy revealed all of this info during a recent chat with Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club. When the DJs asked where Azalea and Young went on their first date, she gladly discussed her obsession with the department store.

“It’s kind of funny actually, we went out for dinner after this, but at first I was like, Target is my favorite place, I wanna go to Target! So I made him take me! We went out to dinner with nice linen table cloths and everything afterwards,” Azalea explained.

The rapper added, “You can really get to know someone at Target so I was like, ‘What quilts are you into? What’s your favorite movie? What snacks do you like?’ I got some socks.”

Although Iggy didn’t reveal too much about how she felt about Young, the rapper said she’s definitely “having fun” with the guy at the moment. Azalea also explained that she’s not too worried about the women who might throw themselves at the guy because of his fame and fortune.

“There’s always going to be girls who want to do that. And when you have status yourself there will be girls who are going to want to smash who you’re smashing,” she explained.

What do you think about Iggy Azalea and Los Angeles Lakers star Nick Young heading to Target during their first date?

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