David Letterman Announces Retirement From ‘Late Show’ In 2015

David Letterman just announced that he’s retiring from his Late Night show in 2015. It was inevitable but we didn’t think it would come this soon after Jay Leno’s departure from The Tonight Show.

After a 22-year career at CBS the Late Show host is looking to retire from the gig that has made him one of the most recognizable faces on late night television. Although the show hasn’t aired yet, Letterman’s announcement will be broadcast later tonight.

REM musician Mike Mill’s who’s performing for tonight’s episode confirmed the news of David Letterman’s retirement from the CBS show on Twitter.

When it all comes to an end in 2015, David Letterman’s tenure at The Late Show will be an impressive 22-years. The 66-year-old had welcomed guests on his show since the 1982 debut of Late Night with David Letterman.

For Letterman it’s already a very sweet victory as he holds the record for the longest host in television history. According to Business Insider last year the host surpassed Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show run.

So who will replace David Letterman in 2015? According to reports Craig Ferguson is up on the block to replace Dave.

According to Splitsider:

“Ferguson’s CBS contract also expires in 2015, so if CBS opts to buy him out instead of giving him the prestigious ‘Late Show,’ he could end up leaving the network altogether, leaving the network’s 12:35 slot vacant, as well.”

No word on what Ferguson thinks of all of this, but he would certainly be one of the best host’s to fill Letterman’s shoes. While the Late Night host’s delivery is dry, Ferguson could revitalize the show with his brand of goofy comedic sensibilities. Earlier in the year Jimmy Fallon did the same when he took over Jay Leno’s reign on The Tonight Show.

Some are already tweeting on Twitter to discuss what will happen once Letterman leaves in 2015:

Here’s the official letter on the David Letterman’s retirement:

Who do you think would make a good Late Night host?

[Image Credit: Columbia Broadcasting System]