Kate Winslet Admits She Was Scared Stiff Of Hollywood

Kate Winslet has confessed that as a young starlet she found Hollywood horrifically hellish and has likened her early experience of the film industry as akin to: “having 55 babies naturally in quick succession”.

Blimey Kate! That’s a bit of a mighty metaphor, even for an overtly-sensitive thespian. Yet that’s just the tip of the iceberg in regard to the perceived slights of outrageous fortune Winslet said she has suffered when she was nowt but a fresh-faced rookie playing the fame game for the first time.

In a frank and achingly emotional confessional with BBC News, Winslet described Hollywood as: “one shock after another”.

Kate, who rose to fame at the tender age of 17, making her film debut in 1994’s Heavenly Creatures, before appearing in James Cameron’s 1997 global smash Titanic, laments that after becoming an instantly recognizable face she: “couldn’t just walk down the street and buy a pint of milk”.

It’s a tough world Kate and not being able to buy a pint of milk without dreading that terrible moment when some bundled and botched member of the common herd has the audacity to approach you, Kate Winslet, a genuine Hollywood A-lister, for an autograph, would keep most people tossing and turning at night in a state of sheer anxiety. Poor Winslet. She must have been at her wit’s end.

To make matters worse, Kate Winslet even reveals she missed out on being a teenager because she was far too busy being famous. Dam Kate. There you were living it up on the silver screen, rubbing shoulders with the great and good, travelling the world, and treading the path that would lead you to becoming an Oscar winning actress, when all the time Kate, you could have been a terrible teen hanging out on the mean streets of Reading, wearing a cheap tracksuit, drinking cheaper lager, smoking strange cigarettes and being bored witless Winslet. Fame truly is a fickle and wanton beast Kate.

Winslet, who is still haunted by that famous nude scene in Titanic and who has bizarrely exclaimed for some peculiar reason known only to herself that: “If I see another child under five playing on an iPhone I will cry”, is currently starring as a villain in new movie Divergent.

Winslet’s new movie is set in a futuristic Chicago, where society is split into five sections based on personal virtues. One can’t help wondering how such a world would accommodate the Hollywood elite?

Because when it comes to the fame game Winslet, you’d do well to remember that when you invite the devil to dance, the music don’t stop until the horned beast puts down the fiddle.