Miley Cyrus Is A Good Role Model For Young Women, Says Kendra Wilkinson

Miley Cyrus probably won’t land any babysitting jobs in the near future. However, there’s at least one person who believes the singer isn’t all bad.

During an appearance at the recent Pea in a Pod event for Jennifer Love Hewitt’s L line of maternity clothes, former Girls Next Door star Kendra Wilkinson took a moment to discuss Cyrus and her penchant for theatrical debauchery. While most people think Miley is a poor example for young girls, Kendra apparently feels otherwise.

“As much as we think [Miley Cyrus] is crazy, I think she’s a good example. Let’s not be so trapped in a box. I’m going to teach my daughter that way: be who you want to be. Society’s going to put these rules on you but if you have this feeling that you need to do whatever it is, do it,” Wilkinson told E! Online.

Kendra added that she hopes her daughter doesn’t use Miley Cyrus as an example for drug use. However, the former Playboy model said she understands that everyone experiments from time to time. It really all comes down to whether they do it sooner than later.

When asked if Miley Cyrus should pose nude for the folks at Playboy, Wilkinson admitted that the “Wrecking Ball” singer doesn’t need to show off her body in the long-running publication. In her opinion, Cyrus is doing just fine on her own.

“She’s getting whatever it is out of her system, she’s being the person she wants to be and that’s the way I looked at it when I was doing what I was doing. There’s different ways of doing that: there’s expressing it loudly and then there’s expressing it privately but in Playboy!” she explained.

Cyrus also has a friend in Fashion Police co-host Kelly Osbourne. In the reality TV veteran’s humble opinion, people make the wrong assumptions about Miley simply because she spends a lot of time stirring up controversy. In fact, Cyrus is just a normal girl who spends a fair amount of her free time at home when she isn’t touring the globe.

Another person who believes Miley Cyrus is a good role model for the younger generation is — of course — Miley Cyrus. She explained to W magazine earlier this year that she wants girls to take away a very particular message from her music.

“I’m trying to tell girls… You don’t have to wear makeup. You don’t have to have long blonde hair… That’s not what it’s about. It’s, like, personal style’ I like that I’m associated with sexuality,” she explained.

Do you think Miley Cyrus is a good role model for girls?