Here’s Why United Nations Chose Connie Britton To Become Its Goodwill Ambassador

The United Nations has officially chosen Connie Britton to become their Goodwill Ambassador.

Connie will be the ambassador for the UN’s Development Program(UNDP). She graciously accepted the appointment and referred to the duty as “one of the greatest opportunities of my life.” Mrs. Britton will succeed 9 other Ambassadors, most of whom have been famous footballers, tennis players and movie celebrities.

The United Nation usually reserves the position of the Goodwill Ambassador for the person who has a wide presence across the globe. In fact, the guidelines for the selection criteria do mandate the person to have highest standards of personal and professional integrity who demonstrate a high desire to mobilize public interest and support for humanitarian causes.

Mrs. Britton, who has starred in TV series like “Friday Night Lights,” “American Horror Story” and “Nashville,” fits the description about a person who has a high degree of interest that isn’t limited to local regions. Connie has been a supporter of poverty alleviation efforts and women’s rights for years, through various charitable causes. She pointed out that women do 66% of the world’s work but make just 10% of the world’s income, reported CBS News.

Connie is acutely aware of the real–life threats that are faced by majority of the population on the planet. “In my own travels, I’ve seen many places where people are living in extreme poverty. It’s unacceptable that, in 2014, 1 Billion people live in such conditions, and a full 60% of the chronically hungry in the world are women,” she lamented. However, the actress is confident that in her new role, she will be influential in bringing about positive change, “I look forward to working with UNDP to help change this and improve the lives of vulnerable people worldwide,” added Connie at the ceremony.

In her new role as UNDP Goodwill Ambassador, she will use her reputation to raise awareness about UNDP’s global efforts to empower people and fight exclusion, mentioned UN itself on its official release. The humanitarian organization is quite content with their selection, revealed UNDP Director for External Relations Michael O’Neill, “We are thrilled to have Connie Britton join UNDP’s efforts to fight poverty worldwide. Connie is passionately committed to humanitarian causes and she will be a great partner for UNDP, helping us raise awareness of development issues amongst the American and global public”

Connie Britton isn’t much of a Social Media fan. She was reported BY Time to have only recently joined Twitter. However, she promises to do a lot more than sending “Hey y’all!” to her fans as UN’s newest Goodwill Ambassador.

[Image Credit | unmultimedia]