Disney Movies: The 8 Greatest Songs You Won’t Be Able To Get Out Of Your Head [Video]

Disney movies are as well-known for the songs included in them as they are for the animation and voice talent. The truth is, Disney movies feature some of the best songs ever written.

Think about it. Disney movies cause you to laugh, to cry, to jump for joy, to run and hide, etc. The reason these Disney movies can do this so well is because they all include catchy songs that reel you in and toy with your emotions.

So, what are the 10 greatest songs from Disney movies? This is a difficult list to make and there will certainly be disagreement, but it’s hard to argue that the following 10 songs don’t at least belong in the conversation.

Part of Your World

Think it’s hard to feel sorry for a princess with a charmed life? Think again. Ariel’s singing in this Disney movie really makes you feel her desire to experience life on the land.

I Won’t Say I’m In Love

We’d argue that this is an under-appreciated Disney movies song. The song is undoubtedly catchy and a lot of fun to listen to Meg try to convince herself she doesn’t have feelings for Hercules.

When Somebody Loved Me

Somebody get a tissue. If you’ve ever owned a toy (or if you have a hear at all) this song will touch you. Poor Jessie. So sad. The story takes a huge twist, though, if you believe this theory.

Let It Go

Come on, this one can’t be a surprise, right? This beloved song, from what has become history’s top-grossing animated film, is too catchy to not include.

When Will My Life Begin?

This song shows why songs in Disney movies are so darn effective. Rapunzel — stuck in a tower for years — yearns for more, but definitely is able to make the best of a bad situation with this song.


The mixture of Mulan’s resolve and disappointment that she can’t be who she wants to be makes this one of the most touching Disney movies.

The Circle of Life

Perhaps the most impressive thing about this being one of the best songs from Disney movies is the fact that the first minute of the song is basically unintelligible for anybody who listens to the song.

Married Life

I defy you to take this song off of this list! Sure there are no words, but there is no more impactful four minutes than this in any of the Disney movies — and it’s the song that makes it so memorable, even without words.

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