Kanye West, Kim Kardashian To Pay Tribute To Late Parents At Wedding

Kanye West has been called a lot of things, but one thing that has never been questioned is his devotion to his late mother, who he lost a few years ago. The love West has for his mom will be on full display during his wedding to Kim Kardashian, according to a report at Hollywoodlife.com.

Of course, Kanye won’t be the only person to pay tribute to a deceased parent. Spouse-to-be Kim Kardashian has also lost a parent — her father, lawyer Robert Kardashian.

It would seem that the lack of their parents at their sides is making both Kanye and Kim yearn to have them closer, hence why reports indicate that Kanye and Kim will honor their parents in some way during their wedding in Paris later this month.

An anonymous source told Hollywoodlife.com the following about the upcoming nuptials:

“It’s going to be an emotional day for Kanye, and his mother will be on his mind for sure. It was his dream to show his mother the love of his life and their child!”

The source continues:

“Everything is going to be so perfect, filled with happiness, joy and bliss and he would have really wanted his mother there, front and center, to walk him down the aisle. Now, he has North [Kanye’s daughter] for that.”

Kanye has spoken about what the loss of his mom has done to him, so he will doubtlessly be quite emotional when he and Kim say “I do.”

Of course, West’s bride-to-be, Kim, has also spoken about the loss of her father — who died of cancer in 2003.

xfAnother anonymous source spoke about how West’s mother and Kim’s father will be included in the nuptials.

“A part of the wedding is going to be devoted to remembering Kanye’s Mom and Kim’s Dad. Kanye really wants to make a point of having them both be a part of the wedding by honoring their memory.”

Of course, nobody except for Kanye and his bride really know how their parents will be a part of the ceremony, but it is obvious that they will play a significant part.

It’s been about six years since Kanye lost his mom to heart disease after a surgical procedure in 2006. Kanye West has continued to talk about her and perform in her memory since that time, so it is no surprise that he wants her involved in his wedding.

Image via RapBasement.com