Bob Marley's Face Clearly Seen In The Lake District

Niki Cruz

Bob Marley lives! At least in Red Tarn. The late Jamaican singer's face appeared in one of the Lakes in Red Tarn, which is one of the largest in the Lake Distract, lying at 2,356 feet. Photographer Daz Slater captured a striking image of the outline of Bob Marley's face as the snow fell in the shoreline. By the way everything fell it created a very convincing icy mold that resembled Marley.

Some are calling it a legend frozen in time, and it's hard to argue especially when the photo of Bob Marley's face is so distinct. Besides being pretty convincing, it's also just a breathtaking picture to look at.

The photo shows the outline of Marley's head, or at least something that resembles Marley. Although it can be said that the outline of the icy waters resembles anyone's head, it's the distinct shape that has people talking. The figure is in the shape of someone wearing a beanie, and as we all know Bob made a few particular beanies very famous as this was considered his choice of headgear for some time.

Before mega fans of Bob Marley go out to the Red Tam, you may want to just sit and look at the photo from the safety of your own home. By now the snow has melted and the icy sculpture is gone, making Bob Marley's icy sculpture a random and rare appearance.

While this is on par with Mary's face showing up in a grilled cheese all of those years back, this seems to be the year of Bob Marley.

Just a few weeks ago we reported that Toronto honored the reggae legend by throwing a celebration called "Bob Marley Day." Mayor Rob Ford declared February 6, Bob Marley's birthday, officially Bob Marley Day in the city of Toronto.

Earlier in the year New York City hosted a Bob Marley musical which ran a limited engagement through to February 23. Billed as a Bob Marley musical for children, the New Victory Theater opened its doors to "Bob Marley's Three Little Birds" which featured the legendary musician's songs.

Cedella Marley, the daughter of Bob Marley and Rita Marley created the show. In a statement she said:

"I want Daddy to speak to children through his music."

[Image Credit: Mikael Eriksson /]