Lindsay Lohan Could Have Starred In The Avengers, Claims Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan could have made the Avengers' cast list... according to Lindsay Lohan.

Lohan declared her missed opportunity on her Sunday night episode of Lindsay, according to TIME. Her grand plans of being in the blockbuster movie were destroyed by her agent, who according to Lohan, didn't push hard enough for her. Lohan stated, "If I don't work in a film, he passes it to Vanessa Hudgens, he passes it to one of his other clients…"

Avengers' female stars have included popular actresses Scarlett Johansson, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Cobie Smulders. With the delusions of grandeur seemingly running amok, perhaps she was hoping to be in the arms of the handsome Tony Stark. Given the timing of the announcement though, the fact that the stars have already begun to assemble for Avengers: Age of Ultron, and the dramatic flair of the costume, it seems most likely that Lindsay was hoping to score the role of the Scarlet Witch.

Why stop at the Avengers? In 2012, Lohan could have played Anne Hathaway's role in The Dark Knight Rises. Lindsay could have played Mila Kunis' role in the 2012 hit, Ted.Hunger Games was amazingly popular with the younger crowd and Lindsay Lohan could have surely beat Jennifer Lawrence out of that role... if Lohan wanted to.

Actually, if she had only been born earlier, Lindsay could have done a much better job than Vivien Leigh at playing the fierce, manipulative Southern belle in Gone with the Wind.

Unfortunately for Lohan, she wasn't.

One can hardly blame the Hollywood-damaged starlet for trying to believe in herself though. USA Today reports that the actress' grandma told Oprah, "She should have gotten an Oscar for Parent Trap!"

Perhaps with family support like that, Lindsay will finally be able to turn her life around. Lohan has moved away from the intense lifestyle of Tinseltown and LA to New York City, where, as she explained to Ellen DeGeneres, the paparazzi have been cutting her some slack. Opening up to Ellen, Lindsay said she is determined to live a peaceful life.

Her docu-series airing on Oprah's OWN network does show a raw depiction of the hurdles Lohan is trying to overcome while getting her life back together now that she is out of rehab. However, blaming others for one's own misfortunes is a symptom of addiction though, and Lohan was still quick to blame her agent for dropping the ball with her Avengers plans. While Lohan struggles to adapt to sober life, Lindsay's future is still anyone's guess.

Do you think Lindsay Lohan would have made a believable Scarlet Witch?