Jimmy Fallon Wants To Buy A Ford F-150 King Ranch Truck


Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon really wants to buy a new truck. And so far, Jimmy’s narrowed it down to the Ford F-150 King Ranch. He just hasn’t decided where he wants to get it from yet. Enter the brand new Tonight Show contest: “Fingers on a 4×4”

Fallon, who has been garnering incredible ratings, as reported by Inquiustr, since taking over hosting duties from Jay Leno, announced his intentions last night on The Tonight Show:

“Today is the day. Today is the day that I begin my journey that will end with me owning a truck. I am not talking about any truck. I am talking about the all new Ford F-150 King Ranch.”

The Fallon sponsored “Fingers on a 4×4” contest began last night as a 2015 F-150 was placed on the deck of the USS Intrepid, docked in the nearby Hudson River. Fallon then brought out ten Ford sales consultants from across the country to compete in the contest. According to Jimmy, each sales consultant will have to maintain contact with the truck for as long as they can to win:

“Whoever keeps their hand on the truck the longest without letting go, that is who I am going to buy the truck from. Make no mistake this contest will test a persons strength, stamina and mental toughness.”

Currently, you can watch a live stream of the Tonight Show‘s “Fingers on a 4×4” contest on the Tonight Show YouTube Channel, featuring all ten contestants with their fingers placed on the Ford F-150 King Ranch.

And here are the official rules of the Ford F-150 King Ranch contest courtesy of NBC Charlotte‘s web site. According to the article, one of their own, Wilbur Rouse from Mooresville County Ford will be one of the participants in the Fallon inspired contest:


1) Participant must always have a part of one or both of his or her hand(s) touching the vehicle.
2) Participant must not have any other part of his or her body touching the vehicle.
3) Participant must not sit.
4) Participant must not lean against the vehicle or otherwise use the vehicle to support himself or herself.
5) Participant must not fall asleep.
6) Five (5) minute breaks will be allowed every hour.
7) Fifteen (15) minute breaks will be allowed every six (6) hours in lieu of a five (5) minute break.
8) Participant may not sit, lean, or sleep during breaks (aside from the use of the restroom).
9) The “Fingers on a 4×4” challenge will begin on Monday, March 31 at 8 pm Eastern Time and will end either on Friday, April 4 at 8 pm Eastern Time or when only one participant remains in the participant, whichever comes first.
10) If more than one participant remains at the end of the participant, there will be a tie breaker. The tie breaking activity will be at the sole discretion of NBCUniversal.
11) All decisions of NBCUniversal representatives are final and binding.
12) NBCUniversal reserves the right to change these Official Rules for safety, fairness, or any other reason in its sole discretion.


The following determinations shall be made at the sole discretion of NBC Universal:

1) Participant will be disqualified if he or she removes both hands from the vehicle.
2) Participant will be disqualified if he or she goes beyond the allotted time during any of the breaks.
3) Participant will be disqualified if he or she violates any of these Official Rules

“Fingers on a 4×4” continues all week on the Tonight Show, hosted by Jimmy Fallon.