‘The Lion King’ Cast Sings ‘The Circle Of Life’ On A Plane [Video]

The cast of The Lion King just couldn’t wait until they hit the stage to get their version of “The Circle of Life” out there. The Australian touring company of The Lion King decided to have a flash mob on their plane while waiting for take off on their flight to Sydney. With the energy of their excitement felt by those boarding the plane, the cast was seated in the first few rows of the plane and greeted unsuspecting passengers with the joys of a live performance.

It was announced that The Lion King would open in the city of Brisbane starting in February, but apparently the cast just couldn’t wait that long and started their “rehearsal process” while waiting for their departure. The one thing that was missing was the ensemble pieces worn by the cast, but passengers of the plane didn’t seem to mind that the cast of The Lion King were in their regular clothes. After all — it still is a “free” performance for a musical that’s considered to be a hot ticket after all these years.

Funny enough, even the flight’s captain got involved in the musical production on the plane. After all was said and done, the flight attendant jokingly said that the captain was “left embarrassed” and didn’t think that his PA announcement would compare to the performance that everyone had just witnessed.

When the news was announced that Brisbane would be getting a production of The Lion King, Disney Theatrical president Thomas Schumacher weighed in on the significance the return of the show will have on audiences.

“If you look at the major world theatre markets… this (Australia) is a big one. The thing is, you have less theatres, so I have to be strategic about it. You’ve got a lot of demand for these theatres and the timing has to be just right.”

The last time The Lion King hit the stage in Australia was in 2005. Of the production Schumacher said:

“It’s a global phenomenon… about coming of age and accepting responsibility. When a show is right, it enters your psyche and the images Julie created for this go into your dream state. When you go to sleep after seeing the show, your subconscious replays the show and you see it again.”

The Australian production features a multi-racial cast that includes Rob Collins, Kiwi Nick Afoa, Josslynn Hlenti, and Buyi Zama.

Check the cast out in action before they hit the stage:

[Image Credit: ValeStock / Shutterstock.com]