‘Captain America’s’ Chris Evans Isn’t Retiring After All

Captain America actor isn't retiring after all

Captain America star Chris Evans isn’t retiring after all. The actor recently started quite the hubub when he made comments in an interview which seemed to indicate he would serve out his current super hero contract. When that Captain America film deal was over, he would move full time behind the camera and change from actor to director permanently.

In a follow up interview with ABC, Evans said that Captain America will actually not be his final acting role. Evans claims it seems as if his comments were taken out of context while simultaneously blown out of proportion.

“I said, I directed last year and I really responded to it, I really enjoyed it and I’d love to focus a little more on that,” the latest man to play the Captain said on Good Morning America. Evans followed that up by saying that his statements about possibly leaving the big screen were “kind of silly.”

That isn’t to say Evans doesn’t consider directing his first love these days. He reiterated as much when talking about his continuing role and the latest film, Captain America: Winter Soldier. Chris said he really does have quite a bit of interest in directing.

His first work as a director came as he worked on 1:30 Train in August. The incredibly small budget film doesn’t compare to the money being poured into the Captain America series but Evans starred and helmed the film for a pittance of his usual asking price.

In that picture, Chris worked alongside Alice Eve in the small romance, set in New York City. He was actually plugging that film, alongside his newest Captain America release when he said, “If I’m acting at all, it’s going to be under Marvel contract, or I’m going to be directing. I can’t see myself pursuing acting strictly outside of what I’m contractually obligated to do.”

Those comments made it seem as if Evans was indeed going to stepping away from appearing in any other movies like the blockbuster Captain America series. Chris hasn’t only played the super soldier with a heart of gold. Chris has also appeared in the first two Fantastic Four movies as the Human Torch.

Some believe Evans might be a bit concerned that he has been typecast as someone who can only do big budget action movies. The 1:30 Train in August is definitely a step away from that typecasting and may keep Chris interested in acting.

Captain America: Winter Soldier hits theaters in the US April 4.