Kate Upton Deemed ‘Natural Actress’ By ‘Other Woman’ Co-Star Leslie Mann [Video]

Kate Upton

Kate Upton, the curvy Sports Illustrated swimsuit model and Bobbi Brown cosmetics spokesperson, bursts into what she hopes will be Hollywood stardom with her highest-profile film role to date in The Other Woman, a female-bonding comedy that opens April 25. And she has already won favorable reviews — from one of her co-stars in the film.

At age 21 and with just two small film roles so far — in The Three Stooges and Tower Heist — Kate Upton can’t be expected to carry a film simply on the strength of her undeniably bankable bikini body, though that bikini body is much on display in the upcoming Nick Cassavetes-directed flick.

Veteran actress Cameron Diaz and comedienne Leslie Mann, wife of current Hollywood comedy kingpin Judd Apatow, provide the experience that allows the film to employ Upton’s other assets to full effect. The film also features rapper Nicki Minaj.

Leslie Mann, Nicki Minaj, Cameron Diaz and Kate Upton on the set of The Other Woman

But according to Mann, Kate Upton can do more than just bust out of a two-piece.

“To be fair, she is a natural,” said Mann in a recent interview, as the PR campaign for the comedy kicked into gear this weekend. “It’s weird. She walked in the first day and it was like, BAM!”

Mann at 42 and Diaz at 41 are about twice the age of Kate Upton — old enough too be her mother — and that led to some good-natured female-on-female on-set pranks.

“She turned 21 while we were working last summer and she’s like a little girl and at the time I had a 15-year-old and so she’s only five years older than my daughter and she acts like a little girl, she looks like a woman, but she acts like a little girl,” said Mann, describing Kate Upton in an interview last Friday.

“One day she was walking ahead of me, up a flight of stairs and I was walking behind her and she had these little short shorts on and I was just I looked at her butt and — I just grabbed her butt!” Mann said.

And how did Kate Upton react to this display of big-sisterly ribbing?

“She turned around and looked at me like, ‘What the hell, you weirdo pervert?’ But yeah, she’s like a little girl, but she looks like a woman,” said Mann, who reiterated that Kate Upton is “a really good actress.”

Check out a clip from The Other Woman starring Kate Upton Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann.

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