Sara Gilbert Finds Love Again, Marries Musician Linda Perry

Sara Gilbert and Linda Perry

Sara Gilbert, one of the hosts of the daytime show The Talk found love with musician and songwriter Linda Perry back in 2011. Now it’s being reported that the two got hitched on Sunday.

Sara Gilbert eventually shared the news of her engagement to Linda Perry. According to Gilbert, Perry popped the question during a romantic and casual picnic. Back when her engagement made headlines, Gilbert said of the special moment:

“I’m sitting there listening and I’m kind of daydreaming and I’m thinking like, ‘If I ever proposed to her this would be an amazing way to do it. The people picnicking next to us pull out string instruments from under the blanket, walk over and they start playing ‘Love Song.'”

Linda Perry’s surprise for Gilbert of course didn’t end there. It involved creativity and a bunch of t-shirts. Gilbert continued to detail how the big day went down:

“She goes to her backpack and she pulls out these T-shirts and the first T-Shirt says ‘will’ and then puts on another T-shirt and it says, ‘you,’ then ‘marry,’ ‘me.’ Gilbert said. “It was the most amazing proposal ever.”

Back in 2013 Sara Gilbert opened up on The Talk about how difficult it was to open up about her sexuality while being in the public eye.

“Even when I got engaged there’s a piece of me that says, ‘Oh wow, I have to say this to everybody.’ And there’s a part of me that, because when I decided to do this show, it was important to me that I have this connection with the audience and we all feel like one. I want to live a true life, and I guess I just want people to know that we do often say things like ‘it gets better’ and it does get better, but I want people to know that there can still be a struggle with it, and that’s okay.”

Prior to her marriage to Linda Perry, Sara Gilbert was in a relationship with TV producer Allison Adler. The couple were together for ten years before announcing an amicable split in 2011. Gilbert and Adler share two children, son Levi Hank, born to Adler in 2004 and daughter Sawyer born to Gilbert in 2007.

Although Linda Perry was always open about her sexuality there were never any reports of Perry dating prior to her relationship with Sara Gilbert.

As far as Gilbert’s public life goes, the former Roseanne actress came out as a lesbian in 2010 despite being photographed with her partner Allison Adler on numerous occasions.

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