Lil Wayne Will Bring His Voice To The Final Season Of ‘The Boondocks’

Lil Wayne Album

Lil Wayne is all set to lend his voice to the final season of The Boondocks.

Based on Aaron McGruder’s comic strip, the animated series follows the adventures of the Freemans after they move from South Chicago to a predominantly white neighborhood. The program is known for his biting sense of humor and its satirical approach to racial stereotypes. The show will end its run after four years on Adult Swim.

To help give the series a proper sendoff, the folks at Hot New Hip Hop are reporting that Lil Wayne will appear in at least one episode during the fourth season. However, it’s unknown which episode will feature Weezy’s performance. The Boondocks should begin its final run on Adult Swim this April.

However, this isn’t the first time Lil Wayne has appeared on the show. HipHopDX points out that Weezy portrayed a character on the series way back in 2007. It’s unknown if Lil Wayne will reprise that role or tackle a completely different part on the new episode.

Hopefully this news will help calm the irritated nerves of Lil Wayne fans around the globe. The rapper’s supporters received some surprising news last week when someone asked the rapper’s manager about Tha Carter V.

The Inquisitr previously reported that Lil Wayne’s upcoming solo record won’t hit retail shelves on May 5 as suggested by Drake. Unfortunately, Cortez Bryant didn’t say when Tha Carter V will see the light of day. Instead, he told fans to pay attention to things this week for information regarding the record’s release.

“You know I push dates back and s***, so I’m not going to release that date until I really know when it really is,” Bryant explained.

If the album is as good as Lil Wayne claims — the rapper believes the project is “coming together dope” — then at least fans will have something incredible when the songs finally drops. Sadly, this is possibly the last solo effort from the New Orleans rapper.

“I’m approaching it like it is my last project, and I think that’s why it’s a lot different than everything else. That’s why I think the grind is different. I’m working harder. I’m approaching it a whole lot different. I’m approaching it as if you don’t have tomorrow,” he told Elliott Wilson during his recent CRWN interview.

Fans should definitely keep their eyes peeled for Lil Wayne during the final season of The Boondocks. New episodes are scheduled to air on April 21 at 10:30 pm EST.

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