Jennifer Lopez: Divorce From Marc Anthony Influenced New Album

Jennifer Lopez said she used her divorce from Marc Anthony to craft some new music.

The American Idol judge and her husband called it quits back in 2011. Instead of letting the situation take control of her life in a negative way, she used it to her advantage. When Lopez’s new album finally hit retail shelves, fans should anticipate a few tracks that were heavily inspired by her breakup from Anthony.

According to Contactmusic, Jennifer Lopez opened up about her album while chatting with the folks at Popcrush. The singer explained that her definition of love has definitely changed a little since she released her first few albums.

“My goal was to just be as honest as I could. You know, I’d gone through a lot in my life right at that point when I went on tour. I’d been through a divorce. A lot of things had happened. I really felt like it was a turning point in my life,” Jennifer said of the new record.

Lopez also discussed shooting the admittedly risqué music video for her single “I Luh Ya Papi.” According to Jennifer, she essentially made the same sort of clip guys have created for decades.

“When I was doing the song, I felt like it was very tongue-in-cheek… the video, we decided to do the same thing. The director came up with the concept to kind of flip the rap video, to make me the rapper and, you know, just turn the tables in that way, instead of having girls in bathing suits, have guys in bathing suits,” she explained.

Lopez continued, “Instead of having me be the soft girl in the video, be the rapper who’s in the mansion and the yacht. It was all meant to be in good fun, but you know, I knew people would get the joke.”

Although most professionals might decide to take a break after putting in so many years of hard work, Jennifer Lopez told Power 106 earlier this month that she doesn’t know how to sit around while everyone else keeps going.

“I don’t know what enough is to everybody. I just love creating. I love what I do. This is no lie — I love being successful, I love continuing to be successful. It’s a blessing to me. I’m happy when my life is right, my kids are right, and I’m doing what I love,” Jennifer explained.

She added, “Sometimes I take on too much and then I’m like ‘I’m not going to do that again.’ It’s a balance. I’m learning as I go. I’m never not in artist time. The other stuff is my side hustle. I’m always artist first.”

Jennifer Lopez will drop her new collection of songs this June.

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