Lindsay Lohan Back To Her Club Hopping Ways After Oprah Intervention

Looks like Lindsay Lohan is up to her old partying ways. The troubled actress turned reality star had a huge episode air on her OWN show Lindsay last Sunday. The episode dealt with the Mean Girls actress keeping a promise to Oprah that she was sober and done with the fast life that made her down spiral in Los Angeles.

During the episode, Oprah confronted Lindsay Lohan when she canceled shooting days that were scheduled for the docu-series. As previously reported, Oprah is supervising the docu-series and is reportedly on Lohan’s side, and is allowing the show to tape so that the troubled actress can tell the truth in her journey of staying clean. During the visit at Dina Lohan’s house in Long Island, Oprah spoke at length to Lindsay about how many people are in her corner supporting her in staying clean, and how she should ignore the “haters” and “vultures.”

During the chat, Lohan said:

“I also haven’t put myself into stupid situations, which is like going out at night to clubs and stuff like that. I haven’t done that at all.”

That said, it looks like Lindsay is up to her old ways, and has gone back on her word. Although Lohan promised to, in Oprah’s words, “cut the bulls—” it seems as though she’s sliding back on that promise. According to reports, at the time the second episode of the docu-series aired, Lohan was said to be partying until Saturday morning at the Electric Room at Dream Hotel. It is important to note that there was no reports that Lohan was drinking, but by going out and partying she’s also putting herself in “dangerous situations” that might make her fall off the wagon.

Lohan was also seen crashing in a room at the Gramercy Park Hotel despite having rented an apartment in Soho. A source told the New York Daily News, “She’s got people coming and going at all hours. Lindsay loves talking about her sobriety — then going to the Electric Room every Friday and Saturday night.”

The source continued to dish on Lohan’s behavior throughout her journey of staying sober.

“Lindsay avoids her [Oprah’s] calls some of the time. She thinks she has it handled. Oprah really does care and really wants to see her healthy.”

This doesn’t come as a surprise, as Lohan has admitted that any hint of stress makes it easier for her to slide back into old habits. Just a few weeks ago her alleged “sex list” with numerous Hollywood celebrities was released and printed in numerous publications. Just that list alone could be stressful enough, not to mention the media scrutiny Lohan is under.

Hopefully Lindsay gets back on the right track.

[Image credit: Lindsay Lohan/Instagram]