No surprise: Sony’s Home 3D world already turning to sex

Sony launched its long awaited (and delayed) Home 3D virtual world for the Playstation 3 this week and the service has already been plagued with issues.

The first day in there was widespread reports of people unable to log in to the service; according to Sony it was due to overwhelming popularity, although take the spin out and you’d have to say complete and utter inability to cater for an audience was the problem.

Three days later and Sony Home is going down the same path of just about every major 3D virtual space before it: sex. Second Life has always been famous for its sex, and Google’s Lively in its last days became only about the sex as those looking for their online virtual hit were the only people still using it. Now Sony Home has followed the path.

Like many other services, men have flocked to Home in greater numbers than women, and many are already using the service to trash talk, as the video below shows.

Whether Sony will crack down on this is yet to be seen, or more importantly if they’re able to at all given how “popular” it seems to be according to Sony’s press releases. The surprising thing I found from the video is that there isn’t more men playing female characters, as that seems to be the norm in other virtual spaces; after all, who needs women when you can pretend to be one :-)

(via Alley Insider)