‘Jupiter Ascending’ New Trailer Shows Mila Kunis Ready For A Fight

A new Jupiter Ascending video has hit the web and this one features a Mila Kunis who appears quite a bit ready for a fight over the future of planet Earth.

The first Jupiter Ascending trailer dropped in January and gave us just the slightest of glimpses about what we could expect from Mila and co-star Channing Tatum. This newer trailer gives us a better look at Kunis and Mila’s role in the Jupiter Ascending universe.

Along with Kunis, we also see a little bit more of Tatum’s elven/ goatlike alien character but we still don’t really know exactly what role he plays in the Jupiter Ascending world other than as Mila Kunis’ rescuer.

We also now have a better idea why the film is actually called Jupiter Ascending. This isn’t the planet Jupiter, ascending through the stars. Rather, Mila Kunis plays an earthen janitor named Jupiter. It turns out that Mila’s character is actually ascending through the ranks as she learns she is royalty of an alien race.

Kunis and Tatum have to get to fighting in order to take on the person who is currently the “owner” of Earth. This evil figure has no interest in Mila’s Jupiter ascending to the crown and taking his property.

The trailer also shows off the fact that Kunis has a couple of powers she can apparently draw on once she begins to realize her full potential. Because the film two people who are rather pretty, the new video also makes it clear that Channing and Mila manage to get pretty cozy at one point. One has to wonder how that makes Kunis’ and Tatum’s real life significant others.

Considering the Wachowskis have largely been flying under the radar of late, this particular video seems to be re-announcing their return to the Science Fiction genre with some real authority. The movie looks like its been put together on an epic scale. If it can live up to its trailer it also looks as though Jupiter Ascending is going to be able to offer a little something to everyone including the always pretty Mila Kunis.