Tom Hanks’ New Film Backed By High End Kickstarter-Like Site

Tom Hanks’ next movie is going to be crowdfunded, but the people who help fund the movie aren’t looking for vintage Tom Hanks t-shirts or Tom Hanks autographs.

The people that sign onto Tom’s next movie are looking for a piece of the pie thanks to a new Kickstarter like website that caters to the wealthy.

Hanks’ new film is being hosted on a site called Junction that works much the same way other crowdfunding sites work except for a couple of specific differences. The first is if Tom’s movie, A Hologram for a King doesn’t hit the funding goal, it will still get made and released.

The other big difference is that the people who will be able to back Tom and the other members of the cast through Junction will be closer to Hanks’ tax bracket.

Junction only allows for people who make an average of $200,000 a year or have a total wealth of more than $1 million to back a project. Those who actually end up backing films like the one Tom Hanks is producing and starring in will be more of an investor, according to The Wrap.

While the Hanks’ led A Hologram for a King is one of the more well known films currently on the site, Tom’s investors in the form of Silver Reel aren’t the only big names looking for wealthy backers.

Another campaign on Junction is for a crime drama called Triple Nine. The movie will be directed by John Hillcoat and will star Chiwetel Ejiofor, Casey Affleck, Kate Winslet, Aaron Paul and Woody Harrelson

Kickstarter has prided itself on helping the little guy get a leg up through donations as small as one dollar. Other sites like Indiegogo have done the same thing. The problem for those who list projects on crowdfunding sites is we often hear quite a bit about the success stories. We hear very little about the great ideas that couldn’t get enough fanfare to get funded.

Those worries don’t exist for launches on Junction. Movies like A Hologram for a King and Triple Nine are going to be hitting theaters sooner or later no matter if the funding goals on the startup are met. This site exists solely just to drum up a little more capital from people who may not have known how to become an investor in the film industry before now.

That might be good news for those who can’t afford to ante up more than the price of a ticket for the next Tom Hanks film.