Kendra Wilkinson Wants Her Daughter To Be More ‘Superhero’ Than ‘Princess’

Kendra Wilkinson is making sure her daughter grows up to become a strong woman.

The former Girls Next Door star is currently pregnant with her second child. Although some women are radiant during those precious nine months, Kendra isn’t feeling like herself these days. In fact, you could say the situation is taking its toll on Wilkinson.

Kendra recently opened up about her second pregnancy during a recent mommy blog post over at People magazine’s official website. In addition to feeling exhausted and a little irritable, she’s apparently craving a little sexual healing.

“I’m in my third trimester and am feeling every little bit of it. I’m round, tired, grouchy, smelly and horny,” Wilkinson explained.

The reality TV vet continued, “I gained about 60 pounds when I was preggers with Lil Hank and I’m desperately trying not to do the same with our daughter. I also have bad hypothyroidism so I have to be careful this time around.”

While Kendra Wilkinson is definitely having a few issues with her body right now, she’s extremely excited about welcoming her daughter into the world. However, Kendra isn’t exactly interested in raising a “princess.” Instead, she’s much more concerned with proving her little girl with the right tools to become a strong and successful woman.

Wilkinson wrote that she doesn’t have a problem with her daughter watching movies about princesses — she’s apparently a big fan of the Disney flick Frozen — but Kendra doesn’t want the child to live in an unrealistic fantasy world.

“If I’m most nervous about anything for her, it’s how early societal rules will influence her — everything from how and when girls are supposed to dress, talk, appear, etc. I want her to live her life like a child and in the end, be a confident, powerful woman… But of course, she should always be treated like a princess,” she wrote.

Kendra added, “I want our kids to know how to protect themselves and to look out for others. Given the news we all read or hear about, it’s actually made me a stronger parent — I’m not a ‘helicopter parent,’ but I am very aware of local and world events and want to teach them what’s right and wrong.”

Considering Kendra Wilkinson is a successful mom and businesswoman, chances are she’ll have no trouble helping her daughter become more of a superhero than a princess. Be sure to read her entire mommy blog post over at the People magazine website.

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