Channing Tatum’s ‘Jupiter Ascending’ Poster Drops

It’s going to be a summer of Channing Tatum. Fans of the Magic Mike star will have a chance to see a whole new side of Tatum when his new film Jupiter Ascending drops into theaters. In the film Tatum plays a muscular bounty hunter with a specific duty. For now fans can check out just a small glimpse of what Tatum will look like. Hint: it’s not what one might expect when they hear the words Channing Tatum and bounty hunter.

Sporting an elvish look, complete with bleached hair, a goatee, and a hint of glitter, Tatum poses dramatically against the celestial view of the orbiting planets. With a gun clutched in his hand, and a bold half sleeve tattoo on his arm, it looks like sibling director team the Wachowskis have brought their own unique visual stamp to the project. With films like The Matrix and V for Vendetta under their belt it isn’t a wonder that the world of Jupiter Ascending looks outrageous.

Taking place in the future Channing Tatum stars as an ex-military bounty hunter opposite “genetically perfect” Mila Kunis who plays Jupiter Jones. Since she has perfect genetic makeup, Jupiter needs protecting, and that’s where Tatum’s bounty hunter comes into the picture. Acting as Jupiter’s protector, Jupiter is said to be a huge target for some very powerful people, despite looking completely normal.

Of the film Channing Tatum alludes that the Wachowskis are trying their best to top their innovative visual series The Matrix.

“We are breaking ground on—I mean it’s a tough shoot. We’re doing stuff that’s never been done, inside the camera, in the CG world, and the physical stuff. There’s very little, if not no, digital stuntmen in the movie. All the stuff is really real and it’s been hard figuring it out because they don’t like doing anything that’s been done before. So we’re definitely doing some new stuff, so hopefully everybody likes it. And it’s fun, it’s got some cheek to it. It’s a cheeky movie a little bit.”

Of Tatum’s unique look, he explained to Collider:

“I’m a splice, splices are essentially built in a test tube. I’m a hybrid wolf and human. And half albino, so I’m a little defective.”

In addition to the film Jupiter Ascending, fans can catch Channing Tatum in the comedy sequel 22 Jump Street, which features Tatum opposite Jonah Hill as an undercover cop looking to catch the source of a powerful drug, but this time the pair go back to college as opposed to high school.

Jupiter Ascending hits theaters on July 18.

[Image credit: Warner Bros Studios]