Kid Cudi Opens Up About Addiction, His Struggle With Fame

Kid Cudi might record albums that find their way towards the top of the Billboard albums chart, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s ready for the stress that comes with fame.

While most folks are ready to jump directly into the spotlight, Cudi struggled with the fact that people recognized him on the street. While fellow rapper ScHoolboy Q can’t wait for the attention, Kid seemed to have a difficult time dealing with the popularity.

Kid Cudi opened up about his career and his struggle with addiction during a recent chat with Headkrack. Making changes in his personal life was definitely tough at first, though the rapper seems to have finally made peace with his fame and fortune.

At first Kid Cudi didn’t mind some of the attention he received, that is, until it became a regular thing. The rapper explained:

“But then when it started to be everywhere I went, it was hard for me because I never wanted to make that adjustment. I didn’t want to be like, ‘Oh now I’m famous now, I guess I gotta live a celebrity lifestyle.’ Spent twenty-three, twenty-four years of my life living a normal life, it was hard for me to feel like I needed to make that switch just because of my job.

Kid Cudi also revealed that he is over five months sober. After coming to terms with his addiction to alcohol and drugs, the rapper decided to quit everything cold turkey. Although he struggled to maintain control of his problems, Cudi seems to have emerged clean, sober, and healthy.

He said during the interview:

” You just have to make the choice and decide the person you wanna be and stick with it. You get to a certain age where the people around you are not gonna be on that rollercoaster all day long ready for you to go up, ready for you to go down, and stick with you through all the madness. People want you to be one person and stick with it and I chose to be clean and be sober and get my life together. For myself, for my health, for my daughter, for my family.”

Kid Cudi previously discussed the current state of hip hop during a recent appearance on Arsenio. In his opinion, rappers need to step up their game and evolve if they want the genre to survive and prosper.

“I feel like if you’re gonna be an artist, there’s a time where you have to embrace the responsibility and understand that the power of music is so special and to be able to do it to a magnitude to reach millions of people. It’s like why not use that for good? Why not tell kids something that they can connect with and use in their lives?” he said.

Are you a fan of Kid Cudi? What do you think about the rapper’s struggle with fame and addiction?

[Top Image via I Need Hip Hop]