‘The Good Wife’ Star Josh Charles Consoles Famous Fan After Shocking Episode

Everyone was shocked by last Sunday’s episode of The Good Wife that saw lawyer Will Gardner gunned down in the court room and left for dead. The death of actor Josh Charles’ Will Gardner was so unexpected that seconds after it happened the news went viral on various social networks such as Twitter and Facebook.

The news was so shocking that a famous fan needed to be reassured during a live tweeting session. That famous fan in question is none other than Parks and Recreation actress Retta, who hilariously plays the character of Donna on the NBC sitcom. According to E! the famous fan needed some major consoling after the Good Wife episode aired on Sunday night. Luckily for Retta, who is also a huge Scandal fan, she is also a good friend of Josh Charles and the actor gave her a ring to check in on her.

After Josh Charles received wind that Retta was in distress the former Good Wife actor decided to call the actress on Tuesday night to get her through the grief due to the events of Sunday’s episode. Retta, like the rest of The Good Wife fans, was so upset by the shocking end that she live tweeted her despair over the death no one saw coming.

Retta explained how the phone call from Josh Charles came to be:

“Someone had DM’d Josh telling him he should get on Twitter because I was tweeting the last episode. He said he’d been concerned for me to watch the episode knowing how much I love the show and how I was so invested in it. He’s seen me lose my sh*t before over the follies of Willicia. After watching my tweets he called to say he was concerned. He basically trying to console me cuz he knew I was a wreck.”

Retta continued to explain her sad disposition, and also warned fans that if they thought last week’s episode was brutal, watch out for next week’s episode of The Good Wife, as the actress was already warned by actor that it’s even sadder.

“I had already poured myself a cocktail so I was well on my way to a post courtroom massacre buzz. I thought I’d feel better, but then he said next week’s episode is going to be worse, so I’m gonna need to pick up more vodka before Sunday. If the promo is ANY indication I may need some recommendations for a good shrink in the Hollywood area.”

Before and after the phone call Josh Charles jokingly tweeted the current mental state of his friend Retta.

As previously reported The Good Wife will air Sunday’s episode which will see the characters dealing with Will’s death in various ways. Josh Charles will reprise his role for the upcoming episode in a series of flashbacks.

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