‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Says Goodbye To Two Familiar Faces

There’s been a few casting shakeups on Grey’s Anatomy. This time a year that isn’t exactly rare, but the changes have been pretty significant. Earlier in the year it was reported that seasoned veteran of the show Sandra Oh, would be hanging up her stethoscope as Dr. Cristina Yang, and now it’s been announced that actors Tessa Ferrer and Gaius Charles are also leaving the medical drama.

According Entertainment Weekly, the two actors, who joined the show as interns last season are no longer going to return to the show after this season. The two actors respectively play Leah Murphy and Shane Ross, both who are involved in major storylines with vet actors on the show. So far it’s not yet known why their contracts weren’t picked up for another season.

It would make sense why the character of Shane Ross wouldn’t be asked to come back. His huge attachment to the main cast is Sandra Oh’s Cristina Yang, and since she’s leaving at the end of the year, Shane’s role would definitely be scaled back as he has less to work with as far as interaction with the other characters go. On the other hand, the departure of the character Leah Murphy has us scratching our heads.

Currently the character is embroiled in a scandal that ended in a “no fraternization policy” that has her tied with Dr. Arizona Robbins and Dr. Callie Torres. While nothing has been announced, it’s expected that both Sara Ramirez and Jessica Capshaw will be returning for another season. So, the fact that Tessa Ferrer is not returning is puzzling.

Two interns now residents that have survived the Grey’s Anatomy axe are actors Camilla Luddington and Jerikka Hinton. Both have long-standing storylines with series regulars. Luddington’s character Jo is in a relationship with Justin Chambers’ Alex Karev, and it looks like this couple is pretty much end-game for the ABC series, while Jerikka’s character Stephanie Edwards is in the middle of a complicated triangle between resident doctors Jackson Avery and April Kepner-Avery.

As of right now it’s not yet known if Ferrer or Charles will be able to make additional guest appearances on the next season of Grey’s Anatomy even though their contract wasn’t renewed. It is also unknown how the two doctors will end their run at Seattle Grace. Hopefully for the two actors they wont see their characters meet a deadly demise, which seems to be Grey’s calling card.

Image Credit: ABC Studios