Justin Bieber As Next Model For Calvin Klein Campaign?

Page Mackinley

Justin Bieber may be eyeing a spot as a Calvin Klein model in an upcoming campaign.

Apart from the fact that the two seem tailor-made for each other, given the Canadian's habit of showing off his underwear at any available opportunity, there is a more concrete hint.

Earlier Tuesday, Bieber posed a question to his over 50 million Twitter constituency, asking, "What if I do a Calvin Klein campaign?Comment below yes or no (sic)."

The 20-year-old superstar attached an Instagram picture with his tweet, in which he modeled an open plaid shirt and black Calvin Klein underwear while looking suitably interested in his nether regions. He later posted another picture.

Inevitably, Bieber's fans also expressed interest in that subject, immediately registering their collective "Yes" as Calvin Klein winged its way onto Twitter's trending topics.

Comments at Bieber's Instagram account are naturally hysterical.

Justin Bieber Models Calvin Klein

[Photo: Bieber Instagram]

Despite the singer's track record for sometimes tweeting dubious information on Twitter that later has to be clarified --- see faux-retiring debacle and not meeting the Mexican President facepalm last November as just two examples --- there is no way Bieber's management team would let him tease a campaign for a major fashion brand if something wasn't afoot.

However, Justin also later deleted his Calvin Klein question on Twitter without explanation.

[Update: Twitter later explained network techs are working on a bug that is deleting tweets.]

Justin Bieber Calvin Klein Model?

(Photo: Instagram)

Gossip Cop reports it's not clear whether Bieber will feature in a solo campaign or part of a multi-celebrity run of adverts, or if anything official in the works. But the outlet notes the Klein photoshoot shots are a positive sign.

Into those "if's" we would add, the underwear giant may wait until Bieber's legal troubles are cleared off the deck.

So far, Calvin Klein are keeping mum and a rep has declined to comment to media requests for comment.

Last December when rumors of a Bieber-Klein campaign flickered it was quickly denied by the company.

That hasn't happened this time round, but until confirmation arrives as to whether Bieber will be following in Mark Walhberg's and David Beckham's footsteps, we direct your attention to some of the singer's best moments as unofficial ambassador for the brand.

You're welcome!

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[Photo: Bieber performing during a Believe tour concert]

Justin Bieber Wearing Calvin Klein Underwear

[Photo: Instagram, in a workout session]

[Justin Bieber Wearing Calvin Klein

[Photo: Bieber performing during Believe tour]

Justin Bieber Hoofing It On Tour In Calvin Klein

[Photo: Bieber on tour]

Justin Bieber

[Photo: Bieber in tour still]

Justin Bieber Calvin Klein Underwear

[Photo: Bieber in Calvin Klein on tour]