Paige Hoiberg Tweet Confirms Fred Hoiberg Dancing Wasn’t Too Bad [Video]

A Paige Hoiberg tweet, the daughter of Iowa State Cyclones coach Fred Hoiberg, confirmed one thing to March Madness fans everywhere. Paige Hoiberg didn’t think her dad’s moves were that bad. After Iowa State beat out UNC in a thriller on Sunday, coach Fred Hoiberg came into the locker room to show his players how to dance properly. Of course, it was all caught on video.

Upon realizing that his dance moves might be more than a little embarrassing to his family, Fred Hoiberg texted his daughter Paige to make sure his “swag” didn’t ruin her life. Then a Paige Hoiberg tweet showed up on Twitter confirming that she supports her dad 100 percent, dance moves and all.

Paige’s brother Jack Hoiberg was not as optimistic about his father’s choreography. Jack Hoiberg also went on Twitter to let the world know that even though he was pumped about Iowa State moving on to the Sweet 16, the dance moves might need to stay behind.

Thanks to the response to the Paige Hoiberg tweet, Fred “The Mayor” Hoiberg has become an overnight internet sensation. Iowa State was a sleeper pick before the tournament began by many, especially after winning the Big 12 conference tournament. Any team that can survive the first weekend of play is excited enough to do some actual dancing. Iowa State showed in the first two games of the NCAA tournament why they might have enough to make a deep run into the tournament.

The #Swag video even convinced Paige Hoiberg to change her Twitter name to Paige Swagberg. Now that all the celebrating is over, Fred Hoiberg and the Iowa State Cyclones turn their attention to UConn. The Cyclones have made their way through the tournament and the season by sharing the basketball and scoring lots of points. If they can find a way to shut down Shabazz Napier, they have a real shot to take on either Virginia or Michigan State in the Elite Eight.

Now the internet is rooting for Iowa State as well. The Hoiberg family just became the primary target of Twitter and YouTube overnight. Everyone will be watching. Maybe we can get a post game Paige Hoiberg tweet to compliment some more swagtastic dance moves.

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