Liam Payne Called Fat On Twitter & Tweets Response

Liam Payne is not fat. Not by today’s standards. However, when one does call him fat on Twitter, Liam knows just how to respond.

One thing that most celebrities do not do is feed the trolls. Trolls, another word for internet instigators, purposefully make comments to celebrities to incite a reaction. Liam Payne may have reacted, but did so in such a harmless way as to not get himself into trouble.

One thing that a person with over 16 million followers has, as Liam does, is a staunch support net. Payne’s fans came out swinging to the fat allegations as well.

people call @Real_Liam_Payne fat. he’s not big… but he has a big heart <3

— Beth ∞ (@1Dfans_Quebec) March 25, 2014

The person who called Liam Payne fat clearly just misspelled fit and started this whole thing for nothing and you can’t change my mind

— ALWAYS (@boohazza2202) March 24, 2014

Payne also later added the following Tweet seemingly poking fun at the situation.

Payne is certainly used to be prodded for response and typically has no story to share. Recently Liam was asked if he was jealous of Harry Styles’ popularity to which he responded, “I would absolutely hate to be Harry. Because I don’t think I’d cope with that extra level of attention.” Surely, he is just happy to be one of the guys. His fans love him for it, and his publicist probably does as well.

Fans can be certain that they have not heard the last from Liam Payne.