Kimberly Bert: Rapper Mysterious From ‘Making The Band’ Reportedly In Prison For Shaking Baby

Kimberly Bert was the rapper known as Mysterious from P. Diddy’s MTV show Making The Band, but one gossip website says they’ve solved the mystery about her wherabouts — prison.

Bert is reportedly behind bars for shaking her 4-month-old boy so badly that he suffered brain damage.

While it isn’t known when she was actually convicted, MediaTakeOut had an account of what she’s been up to lately:

“So what did she do, you ask? Well she plead GUILTY and was sentenced to seven years in prison for shaking her crying baby and causing severe brain damage to the then 4-month-old boy.

“Kimberly Coleman, aka MYSTERIOUS from Diddy’s 2000s MTV reality show Making The Band plead guilty to aggravated assault for shaking the crying child while mother and son were staying at Trenton’s Marriott Hotel.

“The boy suffered a series of brain bleeds that resulted in permanent brain damage.”

But this tidbit seems to complicate the matter, as it incorrectly identified Kimberly Bert as Kimberly Coleman.

A profile for Mysterious on the website Jango made no mention of a conviction for Mysterious, saying instead that she has been working on a few projects.

The profile did touch on her difficult upbringing, however.

“Mysterious born as Kimberly Robinson December 12th, 1981 adopted in foster care and became Kimberly Bert. Mysterious life did not start off like many being she was a ward of the state of Michigan for 18 years of her life.” the site noted.

Mysterious also showed her violent temper on Making The Band. When she lost on the show, Kimberly Bert broke a martini glass and trashed the women’s bathroom, then walked down the street ripping out flowers and verbally assaulting passers-by.

“I ended up going to Bellevue (psychiatric hospital) that day,” she says. “They (Bad Boy staff) put me in the mental institution that night, because I went on a rage. They didn’t show everything, and I’m glad. MTV and everybody, they were like, ‘We don’t want nobody thinking … you know.’ They said the way they edited it, the season would have been longer if they would’ve showed why I spazzed out like that. Dog, I went crazy. I went ballistic.”

There is no word on when Kimberly Bert aka Mysterious will be out of prison.