The Holy Grail Bullet-Proof Screen Protector For Your Mobile Device

The new Holy Grail is a product that even Monty Python would highly recommend. Based on a detailed study completed by, they have determined that currently 91 percent of adults own cell phones. In fact, Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project stated that “the cell phone is the most quickly adopted consumer technology in the history of the world.” So, is it any wonder that we want to protect our cell phones from cracks and breakage? We guard our phones with our very lives, it seems. That is why manufacturer Sir Lancelot’s Armor has created what they claim to be the world’s strongest screen protector. What makes the Holy Grail so much better than other screen protectors? The screen protector, made for LG, Samsung and Apple products is actually made from tempered bullet-proof glass. Who doesn’t need a phone or iPad protected from bullets? That is sure to cross every American’s mind when searching for that perfect screen protector or case.

According to, Jon Cyr, chief executive officer (CEO) of Sir Lancelot’s Armor, “The Holy Grail was created to help people protect their investments. When we demonstrate the technology, we use hammers, drills, razors, keys, knives, saws – anything we can think of to scratch or crack the screens of a variety of mobile devices.” All of which the Holy Grail has proven to protect the device. So, if you ever decide to hammer, drill, shave, or saw your mobile device, you should first purchase the Holy Grail. All this protection without the bulkiness of a case, too, so you can protect without the loss of style.

The screen protector, however, only protects the screen since it does not cover the sides or back of the device. Salvador Rodriguez from LA Times reports after purchasing the Holy Grail, “Sticking the screen protector on a phone is very easy, and unlike other screen protectors, users aren’t left with annoying bubbles between their smartphone screen and the protector. That’s because the Holy Grail is a piece of glass, not a floppy piece of plastic like other products on the market.” And because of the type of strong adhesive that Sir Lancelot’s Armor uses, the Holy Grail can be removed and placed back on the device multiple times without it losing its ability to stick.

The price range for the Holy Grail screen protectors range anywhere between $28 and $55. Not a bad price for protection against a broken screen that can run you up to $250 to repair. At that price, the Holy Grail may be worth a try.