‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Season Finale Is Savage And Shocking

The Walking Dead Season Finale episode entitled “A” will likely results in all the members of Rick’s group finding their way to Terminus. TWD spoilers indicate that Rick’s (Andrew Lincoln) path collides with that of a brutal group and once again winds up with a multitude of cuts and bruises. The “sheer brutality” Rick is faced with likely comes at the hands of old buddy Daryl’s new pals. Is Daryl too far gone to stick up for the man he called “family” before heading off to save big bro Meryl from the Governor?

The Walking Dead spoilers also hint that Rick’s bloody fate could also perhaps be at the hands of the hunters. The hunters, a group of cannibals in the comics, could be at Terminus – and their bounty what “Mary” was stirring in the cook pot when the first prison group members arrived.

As “Team Prison” nears the end of the line will they find an oasis in Terminus or a Woodbury style cult? During last night’s The Walking Dead episode, Joe’s (Jeff Kober) crew of bloodthirsty marauders told Daryl about the silhouette of a man who killed one of their pals at a house several days prior. Their trek to Terminus appears not to part of a quest to find a safe haven, but to exact revenge. In The Walking Dead graphic novels, Joe and his crews ambush Rick, Carl (Chandler Riggs) and Abraham Ford (Michael Cudlitz) on the railroad tracks while they struggle to reach Terminus before becoming zombie brunch. Diehard fans of both the comic book series and the AMC television show already know both tales do not always follow the same story line, but Rick and Abraham’s group could likely run across one another while searching for the apocalyptic promised land.

In The Walking Dead comic books, Joe and his group attempt to rape Carl and “claim” first dibs on doing the same with Michonne. In the graphic novel series, Rick and Abraham save Carl and Michonne. If TWD spoilers are correct, Rick will be pushed to the brink both physically and emotionally in the Season 4 finale. Perhaps a new twist on the book series, struggle between the groups will focus on Daryl struggling against his fear to hope for a brighter future and the desire to take the easy way out and give in to his inner Meryl – ultimately opting to save his adopted kin.

Will Beth (Emily Kinney) be rescued? Some TWD spoiler alerts claim she was kidnapped by the hunters. If a remix of the graphic novel series character known as Father Gabriel Stokes kidnapped Beth, as some Season 4 finale spoilers claim, she will be safe. But if hunters leader Chris has Daryl’s potential love interest – she could become soup.

The Walking Dead spoilers also indicate that the Season 4 finale title, “A” is a nod to things to come in Season 5. In the comc book series, the group ultimately finds their way to the Alexandria Safe Zone. Creator Robert Kirkman stated during an interview with TV Guide that although Season 4 started in a very dark place, it would end on a “more hopeful” note. But, in true Kirkman fashion, he also stated that The Walking Dead finale would be “savage.” He also said that folks will be talking about this episode for a long time.

“The cliffhanger at the end of Season 4 will make the wait between seasons 4 and 5 th hardest wait we’ve ever had,” Kirkman added.