L’Wren Scott: Business Had Not Collapsed, So What Was Real Reason For Suicide?

Contrary to some reports, the L’Wren Scott fashion business was not about to go bankrupt, so what was the real reason for her suicide?

According to The Telegraph, a spokesman for the company said that prospects for business were “encouraging.” He insisted that there were no plans to close the business despite recent speculation.

And, he added that the business was fully able to pay its bills and “the long-term prospects for the business were encouraging.” Nevertheless, Scott’s friend Cathy Horyn, the former New York Times fashion critic, said that L’Wren was planning to close her business this week.

But, If the claims that the business was solvent are true, then what was the real reason why L’Wren Scott hanged herself? The Inquisitr broke the news soon after it happened.

The obvious possibility is that if the suicide was not triggered by financial worries, then the only other likely cause was in the area of her personal life and relationships.

And the most obvious relationship to come under scrutiny is that with longtime boyfriend, Mick Jagger. L’Wren, 49, and Jagger, 70, had been together since 2001, which is an eternity in the entertainment industry.

A close friend of Scott’s alleged that she felt that Mick Jagger was somehow keeping his distance from her, and this led to her feelings of depression. While it was true that their conflicting work schedules meant long periods apart, the were no outward signs that this was problem.

Jagger’s agent vehemently denied reports of any split, and L’Wren’s brother-in-law claimed that the couple were about to finally settle down together.

As far as her business problems were concerned, the spokesman said that Scott “was considering a restructuring of her global business”, which was seven years old and in which “some areas… had not yet reached their potential” but “other parts… were proving successful”.

Her employees commented that, “We have lost a great friend and an inspiring leader. We are grieving privately… for the life of a successful, talented, kind, generous and extraordinary woman.”

Mick Jagger is grieving somewhat more publicly. He was on tour with The Rolling Stones in Australia when he received the news, and was reportedly “devastated.”

Of course, the tour was cancelled, and Jagger returned to Los Angeles.

Unfortunately, a dispute has now arisen over the funeral arrangements. Jagger wanted a small private ceremony in L.A., but the New York Daily News says that her family is making other arrangements. Scott’s family allegedly wants her to be buried near her childhood home in Utah.

If L’Wren Scott really did commit suicide because of money, that is more difficult to understand than if it was for reasons of the heart.

Either way, it was a tragedy.