Zayn Malik’s Sexy Selfie Drives Instagram Crazy

Zayn Malik’s social media presence is just pure genius! He knows what his fans want and he gives exactly that!

Just look at that super sexy selfie the One-D singer just took. Just give yourself a moment and stare at its magnificence.

I mean, how hot and gorgeous is that! It’s Zayn Malik, looking into the twilight, wondering what the future beholds. Or maybe he’s just thinking about lunch, or Pierre Edwards.

But it doesn’t matter. It’s cute and the fans LOVE it! Just ask 67 thousand fans who liked the pic (and counting).

If you think that’s not the best Zayn can offer, he’s got more under his belt.

Naturally, the selfie drove the internet crazy! How crazy? Just check out all the current comments on Malik’s selfie – all 2000-plus of them.

Ranging from the simple and sweet “I love you Zayn Malik” to the creepier “Please have my babies!”, fans never fail to express their love and support for the singer. And why would they, Malik seems really nice to all his fans. Recently, he even posted a picture of himself dressed as a wolf, all to please his ever-supportive fans around the world.

With over 12 million twitter followers, Malik must be doing something right. Well, aside from being an extremely successful singer at 21.

But sometimes being a charismatic singer/super-handsome dude doesn’t cut it anymore. At today’s modern technology, some social media greasing is needed to boost your popularity with your fans.

And that is what Zayn does second best (next to singing/looking dang fine). Malik controls such engaging and influential social media accounts that most news-worthy updates about the singer already come straight from his Twitter accounts.

For example, we learned from his Twitter account that he was greatly involved with the disaster relief efforts in the Philippines shortly after typhoon Haiyan struck the southern parts of the archipelago.

From an Instagram fan account we learned about his early struggles as a contestant for the X-Factor (he was already quite hot even before fame made him hotter).

Zayn Malik’s social media accounts teach other celebrities a valuable lesson: take care of your fans, and your fans will take care of you like crazy.

[Image from Zayn Malik’s Instagram]