Wayne Rooney Scores Wonder Goal From Half-Way Line, Was It Better Than David Beckham's?

Wayne Rooney scored an outrageous goal from the half-way line as Manchester United recorded a moral boosting 2-0 victory against West Ham United ahead of their game against Manchester City on Tuesday.

The strike instantly drew comparisons to David Beckham's iconic effort against Wimbledon back in 1996.

You can check out a clip of Rooney's miraculous strike below:

Which you can now compare to David Beckham's sublime effort:

After being asked whether he thought his goal was better than Beckham's, Rooney insisted, "Of course."

He then described his goal, explaining, "It was was just instinct. I turned, looked up and saw the goalkeeper off the line. It is one of those I have tried many times and thankfully here it has gone in."

Beckham was even in attendance at Upton Park to see the goal, and cameras instantly panned to the English soccer legend who simply sat in stunned admiration.

The much maligned Manchester United manager David Moyes lavished praise upon Rooney after the goal, stating, "It was a brilliant goal, with great technique. It had a definite similarity to Beckham's. Wayne has said that he had tried it in training 20 times and it has never worked. But this time it came right out of the middle of the boot, and it is amazing that he gave it the power that it needed to travel that distance. He is a player who can do anything on a football pitch."

wayne rooney celebrates

Moyes continued, "For Wayne to notice the goalkeeper was out of his box when the ball was played up to him, it was just a great piece of skill, great ability and the execution was fantastic. I think everybody flashed back to Beckham's goal. There are similarities."

However, Rooney insisted that it wasn't his best ever goal, before he noted that he actually preferred his overhead kick winner against Manchester City in February 2011.

Rooney continued, "It was a nice goal and it put us 1-0 up. I remember Beckham's goal, it was one of the most iconic goals in Premier League history. That was a great strike but they are two different goals. His was off the floor, mine was on the volley."

You can watch a clip of Rooney's goal against City here:

Rooney ultimately scored the second goal during Saturday's contest too, while United's attention will now turn to their match against City on Tuesday, as well as their upcoming Champions League quarter final with Bayern Munich.

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