'Lego Movie' Directors In Talks For 'Ghostbusters 3' [Rumor]

Todd Rigney

The masterminds behind The Lego Movie are reportedly in talks to bring their talents to another major Hollywood franchise.

Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, a pair of filmmakers who have struck box office gold more than once, are reportedly in talks to helm Ghostbusters 3. Of course, nothing about their involvement with the project was officially confirmed as of this writing.

Since The Lego Movie made quite a bit of money for the boys and girls at Warner Bros., it's not altogether surprising that the filmmakers are allegedly in talks to direct the long-awaited third installment of the Ghostbusters series.

According to Hitfix, the Lego Movie directors' involvement with the project is just a rumor for the moment. However, the guys definitely have the chops to put together something interesting should they land the gig.

News of Lord and Miller's involvement with the picture originally arrived courtesy of former Deadline writer Nikki Finke. Check out a few tweets on the matter below.

— Nikki Finke (@NikkiFinke) March 20, 2014

— Nikki Finke (@NikkiFinke) March 20, 2014

According to Digital Spy, Reitman recently said that he didn't want to direct the sequel. Instead, he intends to help someone else bring the project to fruition.

"It's a version of Ghostbusters that has the originals in a very minor role... When I came back from Harold's funeral, it was really moving and it made me think about a lot of things," the filmmaker explained.

He added, "I just finally met with Amy [Pascal] and Doug Belgrad when I got back. I said I'd been thinking about it for weeks, that I'd rather just produce this Ghostbusters."

The Inquisitr previously reported that Robot Chicken vet Chris McKay will direct The Lego Movie 2. The guy previously served as animation co-director on the first Lego Movie.

"I'm super psyched to come back. [Animation studio Animal Logic] is such a neat place and Grant Freckelton, the production designer, I'd follow that guy to the end of the earth because he brings this amazing visual eye to the table," McKay explained.

To you think Lego Movie directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller are the right choices for Ghostbusters 3?