Doge2048 Hack Could Be A Virus? Cheats, Tips, And Tricks For The Meme Game

A Doge2048 hack may be desired by some now addicted to this meme-based web game. But are there any Doge2048 cheats available at all, or are we limited to tips and tricks? It’s possible some will come out, but beware of possible dangers lurking beneath the murky waters of the internet.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, the equally addictive Flappy Bird game is coming back to app stores, but unfortunately this return is impossible on the iPhone due to Apple developer policy. The good news is that the Android version should come back with no issues, but a Flappy Bird iPhone hack allows you install and cheat to your hearts content.

First of all, some people are probably wondering what the heck a “doge” is in the first place. The origin of the word is a purposeful misspelling of the word dog by an episode of Homestar Runner back in 2005. The particular dog featured in Doge2048 is named Kabosu, and is owned by a Japanese kindergarten teacher named Atsuko Sato. This breed of dog called Shiba Inu became famous after a photo submitted to reddit showed the “doge” eyeballing the camera from an angle. Memes did the rest, and the dog semi-eternally became famous.

So all Doge2048 really did was take the original video game 2048 by developer Gabriele Cirulli and replaced all the numbers with dodge memes. Of course, both games find their roots in a game called 1024! by game developer Veewo Studio, so it’s not like any of this is exactly a new concept.

The point of Doge 2048 is to combine the basic doge tiles into doges of increasing craziness. Every time you make a move on the 4×4 grid another doge tile is added to the board. The idea is to keep moving doges until you become gridlocked and no more moves are possible, thus ending the game.

Doge2048 Cheats

So far the best Doge2048 tips and tricks I’ve seen focus on a strategy. The goal is to try and get rid of the basic green tiles as quickly as possible. Some people recommend keeping the higher order tiles to the left side of the board because this forces new tiles to spawn on the right side. You then start shifting the new doge tiles to the left as you combine them. Because you keep the two different organized by side, it also makes it easier to combine them.

The Doge2048 game has proven to be quite addictive, with over 50 million players estimated so far. Unlike Flappy Bird, the creator does not plan on monetizing the game and he also gives access to the source code on GitHub. This is where a potential Doge2048 hack comes into play.

While I have not yet seen anyone produce cheats, it’s possible some people may modify the base game to either change the rules for more fun or to make it easier to reach the highest score in the world. Since this game is so popular, there’s also the possibility of a modified Doge2048 hack being designed to upload viruses onto your computer. So in order to keep safe, I’d recommend sticking to a known safe source for the game like But if all you want to do is create a fake Doge2048 high score, then you can use tools like Cheat Engine.

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