One Direction’s ‘Midnight Memories’ Heads To Vinyl For Record Store Day

One Direction’s hit single “Midnight Memories” is heading to vinyl next month to celebrate Record Store Day.

Some fans of the group might need to blow the dust off their parents’ record player this April. Although vinyl is still very much a hot commodity in certain circles, chances are most admirers aren’t adequately prepared to handle the upcoming “Midnight Memories” release. Of course, this writer could be completely wrong on the matter.

According to MTV News, the vinyl edition of “Midnight Memories” finds the fellas dressed in hair metal-inspired outfits while striking some appropriately cheesy poses. If you’re curious to see the artwork ahead of the tune’s release, then take a look at the image below. Even if you don’t like One Direction, it’s hard not to crack a smile.

Record Store Day was put together to help support local mom-and-pop shops that are still out there competing with the likes of iTunes its contemporaries. These brick-and-mortal establishments are a dying breed, which is why it’s important for folks to stop by neighborhood music shops to pick up the latest releases from their favorite artists. For One Direction fans, “Midnight Memories” is a good way to celebrate the cause.

Not surprisingly, it’s a pretty big deal that “Midnight Memories” is coming to vinyl to celebrate the occasion. The official Record Store Day website posted a very positive announcement regarding the release.

Check it out:

“That’s right, record stores are for everyone, and in our list of special releases this year is one that a lot of folks consider THE MOST SPECIAL. And that’s a picture disc from Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis and Zayne: ONE DIRECTION. If you’re here because the boys sent you, welcome. We think you’re going to find a lot to love in a record store, and you’re going to have a blast on Record Store Day because it’s really all just a big party. Now that you’re here, go to the search bar up there, find a store near you and give them a call or an email—let them know you’ll be looking to check them out come Record Store Day, April 19. And we’ll see you at the record store!”

When can 1D fans grab their very own copy of “Midnight Memories” on vinyl? For those who skipped over the above block quote, the record will hit store shelves on April 19. Pick up the phone and call local shops in your area to see who will have the release in-stock.

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