PS4 Vs Xbox One: Sales Limited For Sony As Titanfall Bundle Gets Another Price Cut

PS4 vs Xbox One sales are beginning to tilt in Microsoft's favor, and it's all because of timing and supply. In a further effort to boost sales of the Titanfall Xbox One bundle, Walmart is dropping the price another $50, technically making it cheaper than the lowest price PlayStation 4. The inclusion of Respawn's killer IP actually adds around $60 in value to the console.

Sony, however, has no problem selling consoles. Their problem lies in the supply, because almost the instant retailers get the chance to stock the PlayStation 4, it sells out. When their console launched at $100 less than the Xbox One equivalent, as well as a lot less negative press than what lingered over Microsoft's terrible PR, Sony has been hard pressed to keep the PS4 in stock. Even early rumors of the "blue light of death" couldn't stop the PS4 from selling out and winning the PS4 vs Xbox One console war in 2013.

The Xbox One isn't facing a shortage like the PlayStation 4 is, and with the release of the Titanfall bundle, Microsoft's console is starting to catch up in sales. The Walmart price cut could help maintain its momentum. According to Sony, the PS4 in stock limitations will likely continue through Summer 2014, easily giving the Xbox One a few months to catch up if the console can maintain its momentum once the Titanfall Xbox One bundle sells out.

With inFamous: Second Son and the upcoming PlanetSide 2, Sony's exclusives could easily take back the lead by the end of 2014 if Microsoft takes it in this round of the PS4 vs Xbox One console war. Microsoft is going to need to keep coming out with must-play exclusives if they are going to take advantage of the limitations of PS4 in stock and claim the win for this year.

Sony president Andrew House told the press about the PS4 in stock shortage:

"We're struggling to keep up with demand. Conservatively, as we get into the early summer months, we'll be closer to a full supply situation."
There is a lot of pressure on Bungie to make Destiny the PlanetSide 2 killer, and vice versa for Sony. The better looking game will likely ensure the corresponding console dominates at first, while the one the gamers have the most fun with will either take back or keep the lead. Planetside 2 PS4 will have a few months lead, so Destiny is going to need to blow it away in September.

It's still early to tell which console will win the sales war in 2014, but if Microsoft can continue to host must-own exclusives like they are with the Titanfall Xbox One bundle, Sony's limitations of PS4 in stock could lose the lead.

Will Microsoft steal the lead in the 2014 PS4 vs Xbox One console war, or will Sony keep it once the limited edition Titanfall bundle sells out?

[image via pixelenemy]