Liam Payne Confident That Cheryl Cole Wil Stand Up To Simon Cowell On ‘X Factor’

Liam Payne doesn’t think Cheryl Cole will have any trouble standing up to Simon Cowell on the new season of The X Factor UK.

Although the singing competition bid farewell to viewers in the US, the show is still going strong overseas. The next installment of the program finds Cole and Cowell joining forces once again. The pair previously sat at the judge’s table during the early days of One Direction. Not surprisingly, some of the fellas are very excited to see them together once again.

According to Metro, Liam Payne recently dished on Cole’s ability to go toe-to-toe with Cowell on The X Factor. According to the singer, she won’t have any trouble standing up to the guy should push come to shove.

“Yeah, she’s not afraid of him at all, obviously some people are too scared to say what they think around him on the show and she’s, like, ‘No you’ve brought me in to do a job and I’m going to do it,'” Payne explained.

When he isn’t dishing about the X Factor judges, Liam is busy writing songs. Not only did he recently hit the studio with Benji and Joel Madden, he also promised to lend a helping hand to British girl group Neon Jungle.

Although singer Amira McCarthy previously confirmed that Liam Payne is contributing a song to their upcoming album, this didn’t stop her from discussing the situation with the folks at the Irish Mirror. Not surprisingly, the girls are extremely happy to have Payne in their corner.

“We met Liam at the Brits afterparty. He told us he wanted to write for us and likes our sound, which was amazing. We couldn’t believe, so that’s definitely something for the future,” McCarthy told the publication.

She previously explained to the Daily Star, “Liam Payne knew who we were and said he was listening to our song in the car. He said that he’d really to write for us, so we’re waiting for the song.”

Liam Payne definitely has his hands full at the moment. Once the One Direction guys finish putting together material for their new record, chances are they’ll hit the studio. After the new album is sitting pretty on retail shelves, the fellas will tour in support of the release. In other words, fans should have plenty to keep them busy well into the future.

Are you a fan of Liam Payne? Do you share the singer-songwriter’s excitement for the upcoming season of The X Factor UK?

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