Cameron Diaz Thinks Infidelity Happens To Everyone

Cameron Diaz has played quite a few romantic leads in her time, that’s why it’s a bit surprising Diaz’s thoughts on cheating and infidelity are somewhat less than romantic and touching.

During an interview conducted while she was promoting the movie, The Other Woman, Diaz said she believes everyone will be unfaithful or have someone be unfaithful to them at some point in their lives.

“Everybody has been cheated on,” Diaz told the UK’s OK! Magazine. “Everyone will be cheated on.” Cameron didn’t seem to be saying that as a prediction but more as a lament because when she continued she almost seemed as if she had been trying to prove herself wrong for a while now.

“I can’t fix that,” Diaz said. “I don’t know how. I don’t have any judgment on anybody. I don’t know how to fix the problem.”

Cameron Diaz has dated her fair share of high profile and much sought after beaus. It’s a safe bet that her opinions on relationships come from being burned during her romantic life.

Despite appearing in a movie where she is indeed, one of the other women, Diaz claims she doesn’t pick roles because the closely mirror her life or anything like that.

Cameron said she picked The Other Woman because it was actually about a trio of women who ended up teaming up and becoming close friends.

It was that closeness between the characters that actually made Cameron pick the film.

While Diaz might claim that her movie roles don’t have to mirror her own life in order to interest her, she talked about the scars of life in the interview and it was hard not to imagine there might have been similarities between her character and the real life actress.

It appears that what did draw Diaz to the film was her strong relationships with her friends. “I am very, very, very fortunate; my friends are incredible and I am very lucky to have a lot of really solid, good friends.” Diaz said.

Among those friends are some of the best-known women in Hollywood, including Charlie’s Angels co-star Drew Barrymore.

Cameron didn’t bother to elaborate on her comments about infidelity during the interview and seemed to actually move away from those comments as the interview continued.

While there have been reports of her hanging with her friends in the last few weeks, Cameron Diaz has managed to keep solid reports of infidelity out of the press.