Kevin Hart Tells Oprah He Is Better Than Will Smith And Denzel In Social Media

Kevin Hart has had an amazing amount of success in his young career. Hart has done well in the box office and been a recent recipient of 2 NAACP Image Awards. He has been nominated for a number of awards and starred in his own sitcom. Kevin believes his success is due in part to his savvy use of social media.

Hart opens up to Oprah Winfrey in an interview that will air this Sunday on the OWN Network’s Oprah Prime. Kevin Hart will tell Oprah in the interview that older actors don’t have the social media expertise that he does. He points out Denzel Washington and Will Smith as examples.

“Social media is everything to me,” Hart says. “In our generation, in today’s time, being able to talk back and forth with your fans goes a long way. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Vine: these things are all tools that… I don’t like to say the actors before me, but the older actors, Denzel, Will Smith, they’re not social media savvy really because they didn’t have to back then. It was a talk show, campaign, and then that was it. Right now with all the stuff out there, your fans, they like to know. I love the fact that I show that I’m real. What you see is what you get.”

Kevin Hart has over 10 million followers on Twitter, and over 12 million likes on Facebook. Will Smith, as of the writing of this article, does not have a Twitter account. But Will does shatter Kevin’s Facebook likes. Smith has 64 million likes on Facebook. That makes Hart’s 12 million look meager in comparison. Denzel Washington does not seem to be active on social media.

Kevin boasts on his Twitter account that he works hard, and it shows in the amount of tweets that come from his account. He has over 20 thousand tweets. But the claim that Kevin talks “back and forth” with his fans doesn’t appear to be the case. While he does retweet his fans, there doesn’t seem to be much interaction. Hart’s page shows a lot of joke tweets, but not much conversation between him and his fans.

Hart will open up to Oprah about his childhood with a single mother, having a father addicted to drugs, and marital infidelity. Oprah Winfrey will interview Kevin Hart this Sunday, March 23rd, 9pm EST on Oprah Prime on the OWN Network.

Image: OWN Network

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