Farrah Abraham Releases ‘Blowin’ Music Video Featuring Her Daughter

Farrah Abraham, 22, continues her mission to be under the spotlight with the surprise release of a music video for her song entitled Blowin.

The song is the follow-up to Abraham’s first single Finally Getting Up From Rock Bottom, which was released back in 2012.

Abraham rose to fame on the reality television show from MTV called Teen Mom, which showed the lives of four of the girls from the show 16 and Pregnant. Abraham gave birth to her daughter Sophia on December 2008, just two months after the father of her daughter died in a car accident.

Abraham has been making headlines for different controversies, such as her plastic surgery, the abuse she experienced from her own mother, and just a few months back, the sex video that she starred in together with porn actor James Deen entitled Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom.

Now, Abraham continues her streak on being the subject of headlines for her latest endeavor, which is being a singer.

Her single, Blowin, was released on Monday, together with the official music video that features her daughter Sophia who is now 5 years old.

Farrah Abraham: ‘Blowin’ [WARNING! This song is really bad. Listen at your own risk]

Contrary to what others believe, the title of the song Blowin does not have a sexual implication. According to Abraham, the song means blowing the bullies away. “I feel that to overcome the gravity of the negativity bullies try to portray on others, we really need our own space and focus to leave all of that behind and clear the negativity.” Abraham was also the one who wrote the lyrics to the song.

The reality star also said that she was the one who opted to include her daughter in the music video as she wants her to not be affected by negativity and gossip when she gets older. She wants her daughter to learn from her mistakes, but this seems questionable to some, as she has decided to include her child in a video that promotes drinking and partying. She added that Sophia enjoys the song and dances to it whenever she can.

Aside from her daughter’s presence, there are also other highlights in the music video that are getting people talking, such as her dancing profile pictures on Facebook and Twitter, the mean tweets that were flashing on the screen, and her pronunciation of the word “celebrity” as “celeburty.”

Abraham mentioned that singing is just her hobby and that it is not something she is planning on doing as a career, but she hopes that others enjoy her music as much as her daughter does.

Image via Farrah Abraham, Twitter