Eagles Reportedly Listening To DeSean Jackson Trade Offers

It’s not every day a team looks to unload one of it’s top players, but reports are indicating that may be exactly what is happening with DeSean Jackson, as the Philadelphia Eagles are reportedly entertaining trade offers from other teams.

In 2013 Jackson put up some pretty big numbers with 82 receptions going for 1,332 yards and nine touchdowns, but his dominant presence on the field may not be what gets him traded to another team. According to CSN Philly, DeSean may be a victim of his ‘me-first’ attitude, which doesn’t sit well with Eagles head coach Chip Kelley, and the fact that he’s due $10.5 million for this upcoming season may not be helping. DeSean is also the guy who started making waves about wanting a new deal when he was only two years into a massive new contract.

So far the Eagles do not appear to be actively pursuing trade offers for DeSean Jackson, but CBS Sports is reporting that the team is actively listening to offers from other teams, and that both the San Francisco 49ers and New England Patriots have inquired about Jackson and what it would take to bring him to their respective organizations.

On the field, Jackson produces the stats of a true No. 1 receiver, and with his playmaking ability there is sure to be a team out there that is very interested in acquiring his services. It seems the asking price may not be too outrageous either, as NFL.com reports that the Eagles are looking for something along the lines of a third round draft pick for DeSean. Of course that big $10.5 million pay day would come along for the ride barring a new team’s ability to re-negotiate Jackson’s deal.

While the 49ers and Patriots have reportedly at least made inquiries into picking up DeSean Jackson, NFL.com has also put together a short list of teams that make sense for Jackson to land with. New England and San Francisco top the list, with the Patriots being defined as more of a “due diligence” team who inquires about everyone. Beyond those two teams, NFL insider Ian Rapoport goes on to list the New York Jets as a potential good fit for Jackson, as they look to revamp their passing attack this off season. The Jets have already picked up free agent WR Eric Decker. The Kansas City Chiefs and Oakland Raiders round out Rapoport’s list. The Raiders have the cap space and have traditionally loved big-time speed guys like DeSean. The Raiders’ front office may also be feeling the heat to make a big move in free agency. The Chiefs are very tight on cap space, so while DeSean may be a nice fit on the field, the big contract makes it pretty unlikely he lands in KC.

Whether or not the Eagles actually move DeSean Jackson this off season remains to be seen, but it is sounding more and more like his days in Philly may be coming to an end.

[Image via Sports Illustrated]